Winds of the WORD : Significance of East , South, West , North in the Scriptures

Every word in the Holy Scriptures is significant! When we

Alexander Cruden's Complete Concordance to the...

Alexander Cruden’s Complete Concordance to the Holy Scriptures. First published 1737. The first entry, for example, ‘abase’ appears in the King James Version of the Bible (KJV) four times; in the books of Job, Isaiah, Ezekiel, and Daniel. The header of the column of the first entry, ‘abi’, is the first three letters of the last entry on that page. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

look up the words in a Hebrew and Greek concordance, a whole new

world, like Heaven, opens up. Our Savior said to search the

Scriptures, for they tell of Him. That is the secret!

Let us look at east.

  • The east is the front or forefront, like the tribes ‟    … of Judah, Zebulon, and Issachar front order in

the desert, camping on the east toward the sunrise (Numbers 2) “.

  • East in Hebrew is qedem, qadam, or qadim, the forepart, aforetime, also eternal:

Psalm 78:26, “He stirred up the east wind in Heaven”.

  • The root qadam is to project, precede, anticipate, hasten, and


  • We may meet or anticipate The Prince in Ezekiel‟s temple

(chapter 46), who alone will enter and leave by the east gate.

  • Again, in the next chapter, Ezekiel sees water flowing eastward from the house facing east. The gate will be shut and only The

Prince, who is to sit there to eat his meal, will enter on Shabbat and Rosh Chodesh (1st of the month).

  • At the gate facing east, is where Ezekiel sees the glory of the El of Israel approaching from the east. (43:1)
  • Also, when YHWH returns, in Zechariah 14: 4, His feet will stand on Mt. of Olives, which lies to the east of Jerusalem.

South is on the other hand of east:

  • yamiyn , from yaman, to be right handed or locally south (right of East) or teman, the

    English: Coast of Malta.

    English: Coast of Malta. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

south, a being on the right hand of a person facing the East.

  • Blessings and agreements were always done with the right hand. YHWH did not allow David to be “handed” over to King Saul, and

in 1 Samuel 23:v.19, we see David hiding south of Yeshimon, after  entering covenant with Jonathan, Saul’s son.

  • Also, in covenant,  the tribes camping on the south, to set out second, were Reuben,  Simeon, and Gad.
  • In the tabernacle, the  7-Lamp or Menorah, symbolic of Messiah,  is put opposite the table on the side of the tabernacle toward the south.
  • YHWH made the Great Bear, Orion, the Pleiades, and the hidden constellations of the south. (Job 9:9) We see this covenant use

of south also in Job 39:26, Psalm 78:26, Song 4:16, Ezekiel  20:6, Zechariah 6:6 and 9:14.

  • Negeb, as in the desert or southern district Judah or Egypt means to be parched, and is the dry south used in

Genesis to Zechariah.

  • Interesting to note the switch from  negeb to darom in Ezekiel 40:24, where Ezekiel is led south

to a gate that faced south, and was led through that gate.

  • Through Ezekiel 42:18, darom is the south or southwind. Then south switches back to negeb the dry/desert to Obadiah 20.
  • YHWH is the Judge, lifts up one, puts down another.
  • In  Psalm 75:5-8, the boastful are told they will not be raised to  power by those in the east, the west, or the desert.

The word for desert or south is midbar, meaning pasture or open field,  where cattle are driven, or wilderness. We are the sheep of His Pasture!

  • Note the north is omitted here.

YHWH has and will gather those He redeems from the power of  the foe, from the east, the west, the north and from the sea.

We  wander in the desert, and in our trouble we cry to YHVH, and He

rescues us from our distress. (Psalm 107:2-6)

  • The sea is the word Yam, to roar, the noisy surf of the sea, the Mediterranean, or large river, a basin, or the west or south.
  • Upon Messiah’s return it is said the sea will come from west, to the east, to split Mt. Olives, and half the mount will move south. We will

    The Holy Spirit depicted as a dove, surrounded...

    The Holy Spirit depicted as a dove, surrounded by angels, by Giaquinto, 1750s. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

flee to the valley, and then YHVH Elohim will come to us with  all the holy ones. (Zechariah 14:5)

  • Sea is symbolic of the mikveh cleansing of immersion or washing for spiritual purity.
  • Yeshua spoke about how the Queen of the south, Queen of Sheba, will rise up in the Last Day, and came from the utter-

most parts of the earth, to hear the wisdom of Solomon.

  • Notos is the Greek for south, and implies south or southwest wind, or southern quarter.
  • Southwest winds also bring the rain, symbolic of the Holy Spirit, and cleansing of our sins. We can note this

in Acts 27:12 with the use the word lips, from leibo, to pour a libation, for south. Lips implies the south (-west) wind

bringing rain:”…harbor of Crete facing southwest …” pouring  the Holy Spirit, during the travel of Paul.

  • Genesis 12:8 makes first mention of west, after YHVH appears to Abram,” and he moved from (where he made the altar)

to a mountain, having Beth-El on the west…and there he called  on the Name of YHVH.

  • Here, and through to 1Chronicles 9:24, the word for west is yam, again, which means roar of the sea, or the

Mediterranean Sea, which we saw with „south‟. Then in  1Chronicles 12: 15 through to Isaiah 45:6, west changes from

yam to marabah, region of evening sun or shading, perhaps  implying darkness or lack of knowledge of YHVH:

“I am YHVH, and there is none else, there is no Elohim beside Me: I dressed you, though you have not known me. That they may know from the rising of the sun, and from the west, that there is none beside Me. I am YHVH and there is none else.”(Isaiah 45:5, 6)

Isaiah 49:12, talking about the return of the remnant,  switches back to yam or sea/water/Spirit:” See, these shall come  from far: and, see, these from the north and from the west…”

(Now north is mentioned, as we are redeemed from darkness, as we  shall later see). YHVH is always into cleansing, as even  Yeshua had John immerse Him, for “a new life “ Spirit- filled miracle, signs, wonder Ministry.

Isaiah 59:19 switches back to marabah/sunset: “So shall they  fear the Name of YHVH from the west, and His Glory from the  rising of the sun.” (The whole earth shall be filled with the

knowledge and Glory of YHWH). All Ezekiel passages 41:12 – 48:34  use yam/sea, at the west sides or west gates of the Temple and  Jerusalem, implying the washing of purity. Then in Daniel 8:5,

talking about the he goat coming from the west, uses marabah!

English: Map in English of the Mediterranean S...

English: Map in
English of the Mediterranean Sea, with the borders and the name of the
States following the ISO 3166-1 Alpha-3 code. Français : Carte en
anglais de la Mer Méditerranée avec les frontières et les noms des États
suivant le code ISO 3166-1 Alpha-3. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“… (YHVH) shall roar like a Lion: then the children of Yisrael

(Efrayim) shall tremble from the west (yam)” (Hosea 11:10),

spiritually and physically returning, using the sea.

Verse: Leviticus 1:10-11

If his offering is from the flock, whether from the sheep or from the goats, for a burnt offering, he must offer a male without defect. He is to slaughter it on the north side of the altar before YHVH; and the sons of Aaron, the cohenim, are to splash the blood against all sides of the altar.

YHVH calls to Moshe from the Tabernacle or Tent of Meeting to  instruct Aaron and sons to kill the sacrifice on the north side of the altar. What is the significance of north?

  • North, in Hebrew is tzaphon, hidden or dark derived from tzaphan, to hide by covering over, to protect, reserve. The sacrifice on the dark gloomy side covers and protects us and keeps us to  Judgement Day!
  • YHVH instructed Moses, in Exodus 26:35, to put the golden table with poles with the Bread of the Presence on the north side, (“in His Presence always”) (v. 29), outside the curtain or

veil, a foreshadow of the body of Yeshua broken for us, and placed on  the north side of the city, Golgotha, place of the Skull.

  • When King Achaz of Judah made a bronze counterfeit altar because he gifted the gold to King Ashshur, he still had Uriah the priest sacrifice on be His fulness light bread sweet incensethe north side of the altar. Do you think YHVH was

pleased? (2Kings 16:8-14) May we be obedient!tabernacle.jpg2

From the examples above we can see significance to east, south,  west, and north in the Holy Scriptures, and learn of Him! Continue to  study to be worthy and ready in season and out. Follow the example,

pick a word from a verse, and it may take you on a new adventure!

So shall they fear the Name of YHVH from the west, and His Glory from the rising of the sun.” (The whole earth shall be filled with the knowledge and Glory of YHVH).

The Dumb Spirit

Detail of a stained glass window featuring a r...

Detail of a stained glass window featuring a representation of the Tetragrammaton installed in Grace Episcopal Church soon after 1868 when the church was built in Decorah, Iowa (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 “Not by might nor by power but by My Ruach [Spirit] says YHVH tzevaoth [hosts or
armies] [Zecharyah -Zechariah4:6]

It is by His Spirit that we speak, claim,
prophesy, & expect miracles in our lives.

As we declare that which already exists in heavens[ His blessings, financial favor, healing, new body parts, and so on]  His messengers the angels give heed to His voice and His word on our tongue and in our heart.  They hear us decree YHVH’S will for our lives, to give us life abundant in joy, peace, and so they come to bring heaven in earth!

If we believe in Yeshua, He gives us the keys to the kingdom of heaven: repent; believe, receive; ask, pray, knock, seek, obey and trust! These keys do open doors to heaven and blessings do come!

On the other hand, we can have a dumb spirit in
us if we are not giving testimony, speaking the Word, prophesying,
praying for others, preaching the gospel, nor loving others nor Elohim Almighty God.
For example, there are  2 blind men [for the 2 houses of Yisra’el] in Matthew 9:27,
who followed Yeshua,  as they shouted to Him , “Ben David, Son of David! Take pity on us!”
They did knock, seek & find Him. It says when Yeshua entered the
house, the blind men came up. What house? Y’shua entered their house,
their temple, of the Ruach .  When Y’shua ben David entered their house,
they were spiritually blind . He touched the 2 blind men’s eyes,
& their spiritual sight was restored. Their dumb spirit was gone too,
for “…they went away & talked about Him throughout the district.”
They may have even brought a demon possessed man to Yeshua, for it

              ” As they were going, a man controlled by a
demon & unable to speak was brought to Yeshua. After the demon was
expelled the man who had been dumb spoke & the crowds were amazed. ‘Nothing like this has ever been seen in Yisra’el!’ [Matthew 9:32-33] “.

The healed man, once bound & unable to speak, now amazed all of the 2 houses of Yisra’el.
Inability to speak about YHVH, to praise His Name, to glorify Him may
indicate a dumb spirit. Once this dumb spirit is gone by the Ru-ach
HaKodesh [the Holy Spirit] in the Name of Yeshua, we can speak to anyone, we can shout
from the rooftops, we can glorify & praise His Name wherever we are.
We are no longer bound.  When we are no longer bound, the Ru-ach has
freedom , & in freedom the Ru-ach reigns, & miracles happen.

“Then some people brought Him a man controlled by demons who was blind & mute; & Yeshua [ben David] healed him, so he could both speak & see. [Matthew 12:22]”

  •   “Dumb” does not refer to one’s mental capacity ; rather dumb is the state of voluntary or involuntary stillness of voice, as in tongue-tied or speechless. In Hebrew, dumb is “il-ame’ ” from “aw-lam“.

Moshe complained to YHVH, saying he was a terrible speaker &
stuttered. YHVH told him , who gives a person a mouth?

“Who makes a person deaf or dumb, keen-sighted or blind? Isn’t it I , YHVH? Now,
therefore, go; & I will be with your mouth & will teach you what
to say [Exodus 4:10-12]”.

This should encourage anyone who feels they
can neither preach nor teach the Word.

Involuntary stillness of voice also came to the Zecharyah , priest in the Temple, in
Luke 1:20, as he was visited by Gavri’el the angel [Luke 1:8-19].
Z’charyah feared & doubted when told Elisheva [Elizabeth] would bear
a son, who would bring joy & delight, & turn many of the people
of Yisrael to YHVH. “Now because you don’t believe what I said, which
will be fulfilled when the time comes, you will be silent, unable to speak until
the day these things take place.” Once he believed, his mouth opened,
& Z’charyah prophesied a heartfelt blessing on his newborn,
Yochannan [John the Immerser].

“And his mouth was opened immediately, & his tongue loosed & he spoke & praised YHWH.”

“And …Z’charyah was filled with the Ruach Hakodesh, and prophesied, saying…”. [v.64-79]
Miracles still happen. The Messiah & the Immerser came to prepare
us for the Kingdom of Heaven.  With repentence and a clean spirit within
us, the Ru-ach Hakodesh, we no longer should have a dumb spirit. We are
saved, bestowed with mercies, & delivered, that we might serve YHVH
without fear, in set-apartness & righteousness before Him, all the
days of our lives. We are ordained or appointed & anointed to go
before the face of Master YHVH Yeshua to prepare His ways; to give the
knowledge of salvation to His people , to give Light to them that sit in
darkness & in the shadow of death. Amen.

Thanks for the tender mercies of our Eloah! We have been visited by the Dayspring from on High! Halleluyah!

*originally posted  Monday, January 24, 2011 at 11:10pm; edited

English: It symbolizes the union of heaven and...

English: It symbolizes the union of heaven and earth, the entrance to the dimension of God through music, and the name of YHWH written in Hebrew shows who the one true God who created everything that exists. Español: Simboliza la unión del cielo y la tierra, la entrada a la dimensión de Dios a través de la música,y el nombre de YHWH escrito en Hebreo demuestra quien es el único y verdadero Dios creador de todo lo que existe. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Not Done In A Corner (Acts 26:26)

          “But (Sha’ul or Paul, his gentile name) said, I am not Imagemeshugas (crazy)…but speak out the words of emet/ truth & common sense…for I am persuaded that none of these things are hidden from you; for the thing was not done in a corner.” (Acts 26: 25-26)

          Corners can be signifigant in YHWH‘s Word.  YHWH speaks in His Word about many different corners and also corners that are not really corners ! His work of salvation of Yeshua was a mystery, hidden but not in a corner. It was revealed in a place, Israel, and spread to the four “corners” of the earth.

  •        One biblical corner  is revealed  on His talit, or prayer shawl.

                   “But to you that fear My Name (YHWH) shall the Sun of Tzedakah/ Righteousness arise with healing in His 4- cornered tzitzit ; and you shall go forth, & grow up as calves of the stall. ” (Malachi/ Malaki 4: 2)

Tzitzit is the fringe of the edges of the talit. The corners are as wings of a bird or flaps of a garment, from the Hebrew, kanaph: to project laterally.  Image

  •  Steps to healing:  Kaphaph [kaw-phaph], bow down, revere & truly worship YHWH.
  1.  Confess in your heart & believe in Yeshua as your cover or kaphar.  As “the Son” rises up in your life, He blesses you with healing, wholesomeness, & completeness.  You see, Yeshua wore the talit with tzitzit as part of His torah-observant piety.
  2.  As we enter His tabernacle, tent or talit of meeting, worship YHWH, we receive the promises which include healing, joy, peace, & love of YHWH. We receive His Holy Spirit, the Ruach Ha’Kodesh!
  3. As we repent, & shuv or turn from our ways, Yeshua’s sacrifice appeases YHWH, makes atonement for our sins, cleanses us, forgives us, pardons us, covers us, reconciling us to YHWH. Healing can be automatic or take years!  YHWH is Sovereign.  Ultimately, He wants us to be clean vessels for His use.( see note on “Pots for Service”).

  •   A corner can mean “to the uttermost part” of the land, object, or earth!  A corner is 3-dimensional not flat, with height, depth & length.  A corner is bent, an angle, sharp or dull.  The boards  or support of the Tabernacle had bending, turning corners, called mekutsah, as in Exodus 26:23, 24.  The altar corners were pinnah, chieftain, pinnacle & tower or bulwark corners, seen by all in the court.
  • Blood of the sin offering was dripped on the horns at these 4 corners of the altar while blood was also poured on the sides & at the bottom, completely covering the altar of sacrifice: a foreshadow of the complete blood atonement for our sins by Messiah. ( See note on “Washing of Regeneration) [Also Exodus  27:2, 38:2]
  • There is no height, width, or length which can separate us from the love of Yeshua. No “corner” can keep us from the love, neither trouble, hardship, persecution, hunger, poverty, danger, war [Romans 8:35].


  • The corners of the shulhan or gold-covered table in the Tabernacle were pe-ah, the mouth, direction, region or extremity: certainly more morphemic, as if describing body parts. So, it is not surprising that the “Bread of Presence” or Lechem Ha Panayim was placed on this shulhan!
  • Also, the Menorah , the 7-branch lamp beaten out of one piece of solid gold, was placed across the Holy Place from the  shulhan. The bread & lamp are symbolic of Messiah, who became our Light & body broken for us.
  • The tabernacle formed a cross shape, with the altar, the sea basin at the southern bar; the Menorah, the table, and the altar of incense forming the cross bar; and the Holy of Holies with the ark, forming the northern bar, +! Image
  • When Ba‘alam and Barak looked down upon Israelite camp in Numbers 24, they saw the cross formation of the 12 tribes placed by 3’s around the “corners” of the tabernacle, forming the +.Image
  •            The gold-covered ark held the Testimony, the tablets, the manna, & the blooming rod of Aaron & had a lid of kepporah [covering] on the Mercy Seat, with hovering cherubim overhead.
  • The ark’s  corner is pa-am, an anvil which is an iron or steel block used to hammer softened metals into a desired shape! Also, pa-am is a foot-step:
  • We are molded as our hearts soften into YHWH’s image through the witness of the Holy Spirit in our lives. As we eat the body of Messiah, His Word, we see miracles.  The closer we step toward YHWH, the closer He comes to us & fills us with His presence. YHWH has become man & through Yeshua, man becomes like Him!
  • Pa-am is also a stroke, of music or rythmn, a tapbeat!  Song in worship is the very essence of praise of YHWH, coming from the heart of man.

“So this is what the Sovereign Master YHWH says, See, I lay a stone in Tzion, a tested stone, a precious cornerstone for a sure foundation; the one who relies on it will never be stricken with panic.  I will make justice the measuring line & righteousness the plumb line…”. (Isaiah 28: 16-17a)

  •  Yeshua is the Chief Corner Stone, our foundation & our emunah or faith. If we rely on Him, & follow His Way, we will not panic at the signs of the second coming, but rejoice awaiting His Justice & Righteousness.
  • This ‘corner’ is chief, from pinnah , of the sacrificial altar (above),  to stay or be our tower also, as in “YHWH is my tower & I run to Him”!

          “Yeshua said to them, Did you never read in the Scripture, The Stone that the builders rejected, the same has become the Head of the corner: this is the Master YHWH’s doing & it is marvelous in our eyes?” (Matthew 21:42; see also Mark 12:10, Luke 20:17)

“And whoever shall fall on this Stone shall be broken (in spirit, as I, to receive Him as the Messiah!): but on whomever it shall fall, it will grind him to powder & they will be broken apart.” (Mat.21:44)

“Be it known…by the Name of Yeshua Ha’ Moshiach of Natzeret…even by Him does this man (Peter or Kepha, which means a piece of rock or the Rock!) stand here before you healthy (in spirit, body & mind through Messiah).

This is the Stone that was rejected by you builders, that has become the Rosh Pina (the Head Cornerstone).

Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is no other Name under the shamayim given among men, whereby we must be saved.” ( Acts 4:10-12)

“Therefore also it is contained in the Scripture, Behold, I lay in Tzion a chief Corner Stone, elect, precious : & he that believes on Him shall not be put to shame.”

“To you therefore who believe He is precious: but to those who are disobedient, the Stone that the builders disallowed, the same is made the Rosh Pina, & a Stone of stumbling, & a Rock of offense, even to them who stumble at the word, being disobedient…” . ( 1Peter/ Kepha 2:6-8)

“Beit Yisrael (one “new” House of Yisrael~congregation of believers) is built upon the foundation of the apostles(sent ones or messengers) & prophets (neviim), Yeshua Ha Moshiach Himself being the Rosh Pina.” (Ephesians 2:20)

All true congregations are built on the foundation of the head cornerstone, Messiah with the writings of the TaNaK , known as the 1st covenant [ never “old”; Tanakh =Torah,Nevim, Ketuvim].  The writings [Ketuvim] of the  prophets [Nevim] are rewritten in the Brit Chadasha, the Renewed Covenant, known as the “New Testament”, of the apostles/disciples of the renewed covenant [Ezekiel 36:26]!

YHWH has not spoken to us in secret: He, the Son, & the Ruach Ha Kadosh have spoken to us from the very beginning (Isaiah 48:16)  YHWH gave us things with corners, like the altar, the Tabernacle, the shulhan, to help us come to Him.  Then YHWH sent His Son , the chief Corner Stone.  Many of us have stumbled & been broken over the Stone.

“For this thing was not done in a corner.  Melech Agrippa, do you believe the neviim? I know that you believe. Then Agrippa said to Shaul, You almost are persuading me to be a Notsri…And Shaul said, I would to Eloah…”.Image

[I myself tripped over that stone, fell flat on my face, saw the shed blood of Yeshua and His forgiveness for my sins, and surrendered my heart to Him. These years of submission have been the best of my life. I can not even fathom a life without believing in Yeshua as the Messiah for the Jew and the gentile.]



**originally published by Joanne Daniel (Notes) on Monday, December 27, 2010 at 7:37pm on Facebook; edited version

The Affliction of Esau

Esau sells his birthright to Jacob. Isaac send...

Esau sells his birthright to Jacob. Isaac sends Esau to hunt. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Esau sells his birthright to Jacob.

Esau sells his birthright to Jacob. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Psalm 53 To the chief singer, on “Sickness”. A psalm of David.

1 The fool has said in his heart,  ” There is no Elohim [Almighty G-d].”  They have done corruptly, and they have done abominable unrighteousness; no one does good .       2  Elohim looked down from the shamayim [ heavens] on the children of men, to see if there is a wise one, seeking Elohim.


In Genesis 25: 29-34, Esau sold his birthright ‘of the eldest’ to his twin Ya’akov [Jacob]. Whatever the sin, the father still wanted to bless the son who had despised his birthright [27:1]! What if Esau had kept his birthright & not despised the ways of Yahweh?

“Truly He has borne our sicknesses & carried our pains. Yet we reckoned Him stricken, smitten by Elohim & afflicted. But He was pierced for our transgressions, He was crushed for our wickednesses. The chastisement for our peace was upon Him & by His stripes WE ARE HEALED.” ~ YeshaYahu / Isaiah 53:4 & 5 Ahmein


Genesis 26:34 “When Esau was 40, he took wives Yahudit [Yah-favored; Judith] the daughter of Be’eri [fountains] the Hittite & Basemat [fragrance] the daughter of Elon…And they were a bitterness of spirit to Yitschaq & Ribqah [Issac & Rebekah] “.

  • Names are both blessing & prophecy!  Judith (Hebrew: יהודית, Modern : Yehudit ; Tiberian : Yəhûḏîṯ ; “Praised” or “Jewess”), the feminine form of Judah, Y’hudah, worshiper of YHVH.
  • “Be’eri” means fountains while “Basemat” means fragrance or sweet smell! Some paths seem sweet with blessings of water until they turn dry, sour & bitter! May we come to the real fountain of Life with rivers of Living Waters, sweet & eternal, as promised by Yahweh:
    • May Elohim give you of heaven’s dew & of earth’s richness- an abundance of grain & new wine.”~ Gen.27:28, Yitschaq’s blessing on Ya’akov!
  • Esau looked upon the ‘strange’ women of Canaan & ‘intermarried’, against his parents advice.

  • Esau realized [28:8] how displeasing the Canaanite women were to his father, ” so he went to Yishma’el & took Mahalath, his daughter! But Ya’akov went out from ‘the fountain of the oath’, Be’er Sheva [Beersheba] , & went towards Haran, his grandfather Abraham’s family place, to find his wife! There Elohim of Abraham & Yitschaq [Issac] appeared to him with his “ladder to & from Heaven”! What a difference the Way makes in our lives, when we follow & obey Him!
  • Glory! what’s the connection?Here it is when you search:
  •  Esau went to Yishma’el [ “Yah will hear” ] to marry his daughter Machalat [sickness]; Machalat in Hebrew is from #2470 SC, chalah: to be worn, beaten, afflicted, grieve, make sick!
  •  the Yeshua connection! Yeshua is in every word on every page of the Holy Scriptures!
    • Yeshua is the Bread or Chalah [the Sabbath bread, usually with egg, and twisted with 3 braids], worn, beaten, grieved, afflicted for us.
    “Truly He has borne our sicknesses & carried our pains. Yet we reckoned Him stricken, smitten by Elohim & afflicted. But He was pierced for our transgressions, He was crushed for our wickednesses. The chastisement for our peace was upon Him & by His stripes WE ARE HEALED.” ~ YeshaYahu / Isaiah 53:4 & 5 Ahmein
  • Esau sought & took other fountains, spices, sickness upon him; he did finally seek forgiveness & repaired the breach with his brother Ya’akov. With forgiveness there is healing, as said Yeshua on the stake, “Father forgive them for they know not what they do!”
Psalms 88 A song, a psalm for the sons of Qorah. To the chief singer, on ‘Answers for sickness’. A poem of Heman the Ezrahite.
O YHWH, Elohim of my deliverance,  by day I have cried out, in the night before You, Let my prayer come before You, Incline Your ear to my cry!
  • Life is full of evil, drawing near to the grave, reckoning among those who go down to the pit, with no strength, whom Yah “has remembered no more”, “cut off from Your hand” , “in dark places” , “afflicted”  & dying, sick !

    Hendrick ter Brugghen - Esau Selling His Birth...

    Hendrick ter Brugghen – Esau Selling His Birthright – WGA22163 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yeshua pierces the darkness with His light! He becomes our Bridegroom, the Beloved nearby, a close friend.
“Drink water from your own cistern, and running water from your own well…Let your fountain be blessed, and rejoice with the wife of your youth…”. ~Proverbs 5:15, 18
Had Esau stayed at home & honored his parents with a Hebrew bride, things may have been very different. But he sought a fountain & fragrance not of YHVH & that has made all the difference in this world.

** But the “Esau’s” of the world can find forgiveness & healing,  in Yeshua and receive His  rivers of everlasting waters!++

English: Jacob offers a dish of lentels to Esa...

English: Jacob offers a dish of lentels to Esau for the birthright, as in Genesis 25, oil on canvas, at Musée du Louvre, Paris (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


You have an appointment with the Holy One of Yisra’el! Enter here! You who have believed and called on the Name of the LORD really have a daily  appointment with Him! You are a priest about to enter the Gate, Yeshua, to the brazen altar , to sacrifice self [Yeshua], to immerse in the waters [Yeshua] of the brazen laver. There are some preparations of self,  as burnt offerings, sin offerings [Yeshua] continually, along with grain offerings, drink offerings, offerings made by fire to YHWH

“…a continual burnt offering for your generations at the door of the Tent ofAppointment before YHWH, where I shall meet with you to speak with you. And there I shall meet with the children of Yisra’el,  and it shall be made qadosh [holy] by My esteem…I shall dwell in the midst …they shall know that I AM YHWH their Elohim…”[ Exodus 29:42-46].

After you have offered yourself a living sacrifice of praise & thanksgiving and washed the world off, sought forgiveness and repentance, and renewed your mind in the Word [Yeshua], you burn incense at the altar of incense, sweet prayers arising as smoke before the very throne, the Seat of Mercy and Righteousness Himself.The altar of incense was put directly before the veil that was before the ark of the Covenant & Mercy Seat: “…before the lid of Atonement that is over the Witness, where I AM to meet with you…” in the Tent of Appointment. {Exodus 30:6]

And Aharon [Moshe’s brother & High Priest]  shall burn on it sweet incense, morning by morning. As he tends the lamps [of the Candlestick or Menorah, also in the Holy Place with the table of the Bread of Presence], he shall burn incense on it.

And when Aharon lights the lamps between the evenings, he shall burn incense on it– a continual incense before YHWH throughout your generations [v. 7 & 8].

Moshe is ordered by Yahweh to take  sweet spices, fragrant gum [resin or sap from tree], cinnamon and  galbanam, and clear frankincense, with these sweet spices, all in equal amounts [30:34]!

  1. Fragrant gum may have been stacte , a fatty resinous liquid; an aromatic gum, highly valued; or balsam , a sap with a sweet smell .
  2. Onchya, a tree resin, the most viscous or oily of all, with a vanilla-like fragrance, used also to heal wounds. The gum is also called labdanum. In Hebrew, it is called “shecheleth”, to roar as a lion! “Onchya” is Greek, for the red blotch in a finger nail!   Note:        Cinnamon is the 2nd mentioned in the HalleluYah Scriptures;  a reddish brown bark containing eugenol = Yeshua’s love of the glory & honor of Yahweh! [See note, Cinnamon: Red & Hot]
  3. Galbanum, another resinous juice, from a plant, having a strong unpleasant smell with a bitter taste, giving off purple smoke, also fights infection, heals wounds, acne, asthma, coughs and indigestion. Trees  & plants are cut and saps or gum resins are collected =blood or life of the tree = by His cuts we are healed!
  4. Frankincense is a  sharp tasting,  pungent bitter yellow gum collected peeling the bark boswellia sacra in Saudi Arabia. It is “lebonah” in Hebrew, derived from “laban”,  white in English, for its whiteness of smoke. “Clear” frankincense was purified before use! Frankincense  anointed the ‘remembrance ‘ bread offered by fire by the priest [Leviticus 24:7] just as Yeshua, the Bread, is anointed by it!

It had to be  beaten into an incense, a compound, the work of a perfumer, salted, clean, qodesh [holy] only to Yahweh [v.35, 37].

  • Equal [=] amounts in a mixture represents us, a  beaten mixture, all equally loved in the body of Yeshua, cleansed, clean and holy, to be the salt of the earth, all created and made by our Maker!
  • When the four ingredients were mixed together, they produced a most fragrant perfume, especially when burned [ Exodus 30:35]
  • Later, there is no mention of actual incense; it becomes spiritual, our prayers ascending to Heaven [John 17:1-26, Hebrews 7:25, Yeshua as our Intercessor or High Priest; Ezekiel 41:22, Hebrews 13:15, Revelation 8: 3,4] ! Prayers carry the fragrant aroma of Yeshua!
  • These four special ingredients point to Jesus’ perfect righteous- ness.
  • Some parts of prayer are about pleasant, sweet experiences. Some parts of prayer are about hard, bitter experiences.  As it is with life, the bitter experience makes the sweet seem richer and sweeter. The scent wasn’t complete without both characteristics. Our lives in Yeshua are not complete without some difficult experiences to teach us how sweet it is to trust in Him.
  • Some of the ingredients were beaten into very small pieces
    [Exodus 30:36].

Review of the furniture [ see note, Praying Victoriously Through the Tabernacle also]:

The altar of incense was made of acacia [shittim] wood and was overlaid with pure gold. It was two cubits high [3 feet], and one cubit on each side, thus making it square. [Exodus 30:1-3]

  • Wood symbolizes humanity and to be covered with gold symbolizes being covered with Yeshua’s purity, His righteousness.
  • The special wood was not common, but choice, excellent and durable, incorruptible! The tree bore thorns!

The top edge had a gold crown all around it. On each corner of the altar was a horn made from acacia wood, overlaid with gold. [Exodus 30:2, 3]

  • A crown points to victory. Horns speak of strength and power. Through prayer and by faith Yeshua’s followers take hold of His power and strength. Thus complete victory over all sin may be ours. Also, the crown on top of altar is symbolic of our  King [ Melech, in Hebrew], King of kings, our Master & Majesty ! [Psalm 8, 24:7, Jeremiah 23: 5, Zechariah 9:9, 1 Timothy 6:15, & Revelation 19:16]

Pure gold rings were made and fastened to the altar under the crown. Poles made of acacia wood and overlaid with gold, were put through the gold rings. The altar was carried with these poles. [Exodus 30:4, 5]

  • Here again we see wood (humanity) covered with gold (Divinity), and four “pierced” rings (Yeshua’s hands and feet pierced with nails).

Psalms 22:16 ” They pierced my hands and feet“.

In the Holy of Holies, The Ark of the Covenant with the Mercy Seat: the ark contained the 2 tablets of Law, the Manna, The Rod

The altar of incense was in front of this Veil dividing the  Holy of Holies from the Holy Place. This altar was the closest to the Ark  containing the Ten Commandments [ closer than the Candlestick or Table of the Bread of Presence]. (Over the Law of YHWH was the mercy seat–between the two angels was the spot where Yahweh met with His people.) [Exodus 30:6; 25:16-22] As the priest burned  incense at the altar, the fragrance spread throughout the place, as he stood in front of the veil or curtain to the Holy of Holies.There is no part of the religious worship that brings us into a closer relationship with Yeshua than when we are in prayer. Yahweh’s government required sacrifice and death for the wages of sin. The gift of Yahweh is unmerited favor and life eternal through Messiah Yeshua , our LORD, who is the Torah, the Word. [Romans 6:23, John 1:1]

Psalms 85:10  Grace and Truth have met together; Justice and Peace have kissed each other!

[Yeshua is Truth and the Lamb of Yahweh, Grace given at the cross; Yeshua is Sar Shalom, Prince of Peace and our Righteousness, coming again to Judge as the King and Lion of Yahudah]

The fire was never to go out. (The coals were moved in a golden vessel when the camp moved.)

  • The fire is Yeshua’s righteousness. [2 Samuel 22:9, Isaiah 66:15, Luke 12:49, Revelation 19:12]
  • Also, the fire is the Ruach [ Holy Spirit]. It works continually upon our hearts: calling us to prayer, praying in us, telling us to confess our sins and ask forgiveness, impressing us to give praise and thanksgiving, bringing to our minds those whom we are to pray for, showing us the Father’s will, teaching us right from wrong. It is that still small voice ever present with us.[1 Thessalonians 5:19; Romans 8:26, 27; Philippians 1:4-11; 1 Samuel 3:3,4,10]

Jude 20 & 24  But you dear friends build yourselves up in your most holy faith & pray in union with the Ruach HaQodesh [Holy Spirit]…Now, to the one who can keep you from falling & to set you without defect & full of joy in the presence of His Sh’khinah [Divine Presence, the manifest glory of Adonai present with men]…

The high priest was to burn set incense upon the altar every morning while he was trimming and cleaning the lamps on the candle- stick, and every evening while he was lighting the lamps. [Exodus 30:7, 8]

  • Yeshua is our High Priest. [Hebrews 3:1]
    When we pray to God, Yeshua mixes incense (His spotless right- eousness,) with our prayers. When the Father looks at us He sees the perfect goodness of Yeshua [ Revelation 8:3,4].

When the high priest burned the incense, he looked toward the Ark. As the cloud of incense arose the glory of Elohim came down upon the mercy seat and filled the Most Holy Place. It often filled the holy place, also. “So full were both places that the high priest had to retreat to the door of the tent-tabernacle.”

  • By faith we can come boldly into the throne room and pray to Elohim [The Almighty]. We direct our prayers to Messiah that He might apply His perfect character to us. He goes before the Father for us. [ Hebrews 4:15, 16; 7:25,26]
    • Ours prayers are to be as incense.

Psalms 141:2  Let my prayer be like incense set before You,    my uplifted hands like an evening sacrifice.

At the time of the burning of incense (both morning and evening) all the people in the camp of Ysra’el were praying. Elohim promised to “meet with” them during that time. The sweet smell of incense reached way out into the camp and surrounding area. [Luke 1:9, 10; Exodus 30:6]

  • Here is the example that is given for morning and evening worship.
    His sweet character will not only be felt in the home, but reach out away from the home.
    Again we see the number four [ingredients of incense] point to Yeshua. [See note, The Anointing & the Oil] There were 4 ingredients in the anointing oil too.
  • Yeshua suffered everything that any man will ever have to suffer so He could perfectly understand what we go through [ Hebrews 2:10,11].
    Our sufferings lead us to the altar of prayer. There we are strength ened and fitted to help others.

No strange incense was to be offered upon the altar [ Exodus 30:9 ].

  • Strange incense represented sin.
  • Yeshua was without sin, so only sweet incense could be used.

1 John 3:5  And you know that He was manifested to take away our sins, and in Him there is no sin.

No burnt sacrifice or meat-(meal-) offering was to be offered upon it, and no drink-offering was to be poured out upon it. Those offerings were to be offered upon the brazen altar in the courtyard [Exodus 30:9].

  • In the brazen altar is represented the sacrifice of Yeshua and His work for us while He was on earth. (The courtyard being a symbol of the earth.)
    • In the golden altar of incense,  we see Yeshua in His work in heaven.

Revelation 8:3, 4,5  And another messenger came and stood at the altar, holding a golden censer, and much incense was given to him, that he should offer it with the prayers of all the qodeshim [the saints or holy ones] upon the golden altar which was before the throne.

And the smoke of the incense, with the prayers of the qodeshim, went up before Elohim from the hand of the messenger.

And the messenger took the censer and filled it with fire from the altar and threw it to the earth. And there were noises, and thunders and lightnings and an earthquake.


You have an appointment with the Holy One of Yisra’el! Enter here! You who have believed and called on the Name of the LORD really have a daily appointment with Him! You are a priest about to enter the Gate, Yeshua, to the brazen altar , to sacrifice self [Yeshua], to immerse in the waters [Yeshua] of the brazen laver. There are some preparations of self, as burnt offerings, sin offerings [Yeshua] continually, along with grain offerings, drink offerings, offerings made by fire to YHWH-


Genesis 28:10 And Jacob [Ya’akov] went out from Beer-Sheva [Beer-Sheba, or fountain of oath, and went toward Charan [Haran, parchness, aridity~ dryness of Holy Spirit, Ruach HaKodesh] .

His grandfather Abraham had planted a grove in Beer-Sheva, and called there on the Name of YHVH, El-Olam [Gen. 21:31]  .

His father Isaac had been offered in the land of Moriah, grandfather calling Mt. Olivet “YHVH-Yireh”, YHVH will provide, Himself becoming the Lamb [Genesis 22:14].

Now Ya’akov leaves the foundational stones of his faith, his mother Rivqah [Rebbeca, the beauty] and Yitzchak [laughter], his father, and ventures out in the desert which is void of worship of the Elohim [God] of his fathers. He goes to a “certain place”, stays all night, laying his head [~the mind, thoughts] on those ‘stones of faith’, the Rock of Ages.

And Ya’akov [Jacob]  lay his head on a stone and dreamt of the ladder with messengers of Elohim  going up and down; Elohim stood above it, announcing His blessings over Ya’akov, of  the land to him and his seed.

And see, I AM with you and shall guard you wherever you go…for I AM not going to leave you UNTIL I HAVE DONE what I have spoken to you [Genesis / Bereshith 28:15]!

Truly, YHWH was in that place, said Ya’akov! “How awesome…this is none other THAN THE HOUSE OF ELOHIM [Beyth-El]  & THIS IS THE GATE of the shamayim [heavens] [v. 16-17]!

And Ya’akov rose early in the morning & took the stone…and poured oil on top of it [v.18]!

And Ya’akov called the place “Beyth El”, House of El… & made a vow , saying, ‘Seeing Elohim is with me & has kept me in this Way…has given me BREAD [Yeshua] to eat & a GARMENT [of righteousness] to put on…of all that You give me, I will certainly give a tenth [tithe] to You [v.19-22]’ !

  • Ya’akov [heel-catcher] was the first worshiper mentioned,  to pour oil as an offering to Yahweh, the El Elohe Yisra’el.
  •  His grandfather, Avraham, righteous by faith, called on Yahweh, offered a ram for a burnt offering , circumcised himself & all males of his house, and named places to honor Elohim, such as ” YHWH Yireh… YHWH Provides ” in Gen. 22:14.
  •  His  own father, Yitzchaq, was once an offering of Avraham, halted only by the Messenger of Yahweh [Yeshua], who recognized his  reverence for Elohim , saying, ” …seeing you have not  withheld  your  only son from Me [v.12]”! Following Avraham, Yitzchaq built altars , kept peace, made oaths and in gratitude to Yahweh, called places honorable names such as “Rehoboth [a broad way]” , “For now Yahweh has made room for us [26:22]”!
  •  Yahweh blessed both Avraham and Yitzchaq a hundred-fold, appearing to them , and swearing oaths to them and their seed             [ 17:1-21, 26:2-5]!
  • Elohim appears to Ya’akov again after the reunion [with Esau], the rape [of daughter Dinah], hiding the foreign elohim [by Rachel & family], and blesses him, saying, “…Yisra’el [Prince of El] is your name…I AM El Shaddai [The All-Sufficient One]. Bear fruit…a nation and a company of nations shall be from you & kings come from your body [35 : 9-12]”!
  • Ya’akov then puts up a standing column , a monument of stone in Beyth-El, where El had spoken with him, pouring a drink offering on it AND pouring oil on it! [35:14]

What is an offering ? a drink offering?  Why oil ? Why pour it out?

  • An offering is, in Hebrew,  “terumah“, a present offered up, as a sacrifice or gift ; “qurban“, something brought near the altar, a sacrificial present; “tenuphah“, the wave offering, shaking; & minchah, to apportion, bestow, a donation, usually bloodless, voluntary sacrificial .
  • A drink offering or libation, nesek from nasaq, to pour out, to anoint a king!
  • The oil in Hebrew is “sheh’men“, liquid, grease; richness;  olive or ointment!

Anointing, ” mishchah”  in Hebrew, is the act of “unction”, a consecretory gift, a gift of consecrating: to set apart as sacred, make or declare holy; to dedicate or devote; to elevate in a sacred or exalted office, to crown a king or ordain a priest! So , anointing  with oil sets apart, to dedicate or make sacred something offered to Yahweh.

I have found My servant David; with My qodesh  [holy] oil I anointed him [Psalms 89:20]

  • Ya’akov set apart the stone, marking it with oil, usually olive; as we know, this oil of anointing can not be washed by the baptism or immersion! It is a mark or seal!
  • Oil is “sheh-men” in Hebrew, grease, liquid; richness!
  • Note the unleavened wafer [~ the sinless Lamb of Exodus 12 & Messiah of Isaiah 53] is anointed with oil [~Yeshua our Kohen HaGadol, High Priest, to return as King] :

And this is the task you shall do to them to qadosh [make holy] them to serve Me as kohenim [priests]: Take …unleavened bread…cakes mixed with oil & unleavened wafers anointed with oil…& shall take the anointing oil & pour it on [Aharon’s] head & anoint him [Exodus 29:2; see also Leviticus 7:12].

The Bridegroom Yeshua, in Song of Songs 1:3, is praised:

For fragrance Your oils are good. Your Name is oil poured forth, therefore the maidens love you.

Yeshua is loved & anointed by a  forgiven woman, in Luke 7:37-50:

And standing behind, at His feet, weeping, she began to wet His feet with her tears & wiping them with the hair of her head & was kissing His feet and anointing them with the perfume [oil in an alabaster flask].

  • The Koheleth or  wise Preacher, in Ecclesiastes 9:8 says,

Let your garments be white [~purity] at all times & let your head lack no oil!

The wise keep oil in containers with their lamps ready for the Bridegroom Yeshua to return and take those who are ready in to the wedding feast before the doors shut! [Matthew 25:1-13]

The anointing oil is sacred &  to be used only to anoint that used for Yahweh, such as  the tabernacle furniture and the priests [the following is condensed review of the 4 spices used to make the anointing oil:

Exodus 30: 22 Then Yahweh said to Moses, 23) Take the following fine spices: 500 shekels of liquid myrrh [about 12 /2 pounds or 5.8kg],

half as much [that is, 250 shekels or 6 1/4 lbs. or 2.9kg] of fragrant cinnamon, 250 shekels of fragrant calamus, 24 ) 500 shekels of cassia– all according to the sanctuary shekel-and a hin [gallon or 3.6L] of olive oil.

“And you shall make from these  a holy anointing oil, a compound,blended,  the work of a perfumer.  It is a holy anointing oil.

26) And with it you shall anoint the Tent of Meeting, the ark of the covenant law, the table [ of Bread]…the Lampstand…the altar of incense, the altar of burnt offering…the basin…29) & you shall qadosh [consecrate] them &  they shall be most qodesh [holy]. Whatever touches them is to be qodesh.

30) And you shall anoint Aharon & his sons & qadosh  them, to serve as kohenim [priests] to Me”!

  • The sacred anointing oil for generations to come; not to be poured on anyone else’s body other than a priest of Yahweh!
  • We are to be as priests of the royal priesthood, if believers in Yeshua, as in 1Peter 2:9 :

“But you are a chosen race, a royal kehunnah [from kaw-han‘, to mediate; officiate, as a priest], a holy nation, a people for possession, that you should proclaim the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous Light…”!

  1. “Take”  myrrh : bitter but fragrant aroma symbolic of the bitter sweet loving death of Yeshua for our sins. Magis or kings gave Yeshua myrrh as a babe, beside the frankincense and gold, then used to escape to Egypt! {See the blog post, “Myrrh, Miryam & Yeshua Connection}
  2. “Take” sweet smelling cinnamon, also “hot”, symbolic for the passion of the Cross; Yeshua going all the Way for us; the holy jealous love for honor & glory of Yahweh & His Righteousness! {See the blog post, “Cinnamon: Red & Hot“}
  3. “Take” calamus or sweet cane , a reed, erect, standing upright, reflective of the water baptism in the Sea of Reeds of the Israelites before crossing the desert to be redeemed &  enter the promised land! The ‘bruised Reed’ for our sin, Yeshua, raised into Righteousness, in a world of sin! {See the blog post, “Calamus & the Sea of Reeds”}
  4. “Take” cassia, peeled shriveled rolls of bark, similar to cinnamon, symbolic of Yeshua’s & thus our submission and  worship of Yahweh! Stripped of our own pride, brought to humility, we can then bow or stoop to pray before the Almighty Yahweh! {See the blog post, “Cassia: Stoop, Peel, & Roll“}
  5. These sweet spices are then diffused or mixed in olive oil to become one sweet scent!
  6. His Name was & is “as an ointment poured forth [Song of Songs 1:3]!
  7. The ointment or oil represents the sacrifice, the passionate love, the baptism,  & the submission blended in one of our Redeemer ! Now, as priests, we are to present ourselves as a living sacrifice [Romans 12:1,2]; spread the Bisorah or Good News with zeal & love of our Savior; be baptized & kept full of the Holy Spirit, as a vessel of honor; & humble submitting ourselves to the King of kings, in worship and praise! Yeshua came to be an example , and we are to follow Him, picking up our daily cross, dying to self, and love one another as He loved us!

Isaiah 10:27  “… and your yoke will be destroyed because of the anointing oil.”

1 John 2:20  “But you have an anointing from the Set-Apart One, and all of you know the truth.”

Luke 4:18  “The Spirit of Yahweh is on me, because He has anointed me to bring the Good News to the poor. He has sent me to heal the broken-hearted, to proclaim release to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind, to send away crushed ones with a release, to proclaim the acceptable year of Yahweh.” [from Isaiah /Yeshayahu 61: 1-11]

Mark 6:13  They drove out many demons and anointed many sick people with oil and healed them.

James 5:13-15 Is any one of you suffering evil? Let him pray. Is anyone in good spirits? Let him sing psalms,  songs of praise. Is any one among you sick? Let him call for the elders of the assembly & let them pray over him, having  anointed him with oil in the Name of the Master. And the prayer of belief shall save the sick person & the Master shall raise him up. And if he has committed sins, he shall be forgiven.

2 Corinthians 1:20-21   For as many promises are of Elohim , in Him they are “Yes” and so in Him the “SO BE IT, AMEYN”  to the esteem of Elohim through us. But He who establishes us with you  in Mashiach [Messiah] and has anointed us, is Elohim, who also sealed us, and gave  the Ruach [Spirit] in our hearts as a pledge.

Hebrews / Ibrim 6:1-2 Therefore having left the Word of the beginning of Ha’Mashiach, let us go on to perfection, not laying again the foundation of repentance from dead works, and of belief in Elohim, of the teaching of immersions, the laying on of hands, the resurrection of the dead, and eternal judgment. (And other simple truths like anointing with oil, calling on the elders, speaking the truth and loving one another)


The Anointing & The Oil

Yeshua is loved & anointed by a forgiven woman, in Luke 7:37-50:

And standing behind, at His feet, weeping, she began to wet His feet with her tears & wiping them with the hair of her head & was kissing His feet and anointing them with the perfume [oil in an alabaster flask].

;Name:Acorus calamus ;Family:Acoraceae Origina...

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Acorus calamus
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Calamus is the 3rd ingredient mentioned to be placed in the anointing oil of the priests and furniture in the Tabernacle. Calamus is a  sweet cane or reed and in Hebrew is the word “qaw-neh“. It means to stand upright or erect.

Calamus , a chief spice in Song of Songs 4:14, was used in incense and perfumes as aromatic. It also aids  digestion, relaxes muscles, reduces inflammation and supports the respiratory system, even cleaning our kidneys, for it is rich in ‘phenylpropanoids’ too!

However, we shall see calamus  is not only a spice  and holistic aid. We shall see how the calamus or cane reed comes to represent Elohim‘s uprightness and righteousness in this world of sin.  The “bruised reed” of Isaiah 53 is raised to forgive sin [John/Yochanan 8:11] and reign as the Sovereign [18:33-37]! We bruised reeds, will be able to stand erect before the Throne through this ‘bruised reed’, Yeshua!

And take for yourself choice spices… [myrrh, cinnamon]… and 250 [shekels, about 6 1/4 pounds] of sweet-smelling cane…[Exodus 30:23]…

Calamus or cane was an important ingredient but half as much as the myrrh!   [see note, The Myrrh, Miryam & Yeshua Connection] Calamus  which grows in the wetlands, symbolizes the immersion in the purification rites, and the immersion of repentance for the forgiveness of sins, as done by Yochanan in the desert.[Isaiah 40:3, Mark 1:2-5]

” And all the country of Yahudah, and those of Yerushalayim, went out to him and were all immersed by him in the Yarden River, confessing their sins. [v.5]

Compare “all immersed”  to this in Exodus

18 But Elohim led the people around, through the way of the wilderness of the Sea of Reeds: & the children of Yisrael went up armed out of the land of Mitzrayim. [Exodus 13]

Topographic map in English of the Red Sea, UTM...

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Moshe lifted up his rod, stretched his hand over the Sea of Reeds, and Yahweh caused a strong east wind all that night to divide the waters [Exodus 14:21]. Out of the darkness, the Branch~Yeshua,  and the Spirit hover over the waters, [Genesis 1:2],  followed by the  immersion and cleansing of the Israelites.

  •   YaHWeH is sovereign and things happen as He speaks! The children of Yisrael are let go from Egypt & slavery,  but not to the Gaza strip , land of the giant Philistines! [And Gaza was only 11 miles from Goshen!] YaHWeh knew best: “Lest the people regret…”YHWH leads them around, “through the Way of the wilderness of the Sea of Reeds. 
  • Why the Sea of Reeds, known also as the Red Sea?
  • Elohim led the people away from the enemy
  • Elohim led the people through the WAY of wilderness DESERT DRY so they would have to depend on Him for all
  • Elohim led the people through the Sea of Reeds or Red Sea
  • Reed is qaw-neh in Hebrew : a shaft, rod, tube, stem; radius of an arm, a branch!
  • Reed is from qaw-naw : to erect, create, purchase or redeem!
  • Cana [ Qanah in Hebrew]  was the 1st site in Galilee of a miracle by Yeshua! “On the 3rd day there was a wedding in Qanah [ reediness, full of reeds!] of Galil…[John/Yochanan 2: 1-10]”, turning the cleansing waters used in purification rites, into new wine, ‘good wine’, the best saved for last!
  • People are like the reeds, a shaft or tube needing to be filled with the Spirit, erected by a new life in Yeshua! Reediness implies people waiting to be forgiven, washed with cleansing water and filled with His Spirit, the new wine,  redeemed, now erect in Him!
  • The sea  is symbolic of  people or unsaved people, reeds, needing to be redeemed & washed in the baptism of the Spirit, and filled!
  • People are redeemed through the blood ,  of Yeshua! A “Red Sea”  of people saved by the mighty Hand of YaHWeH!
  • The ‘children’ of Yisrael went up after the cleansing;  a washing regeneration in the blood, the Red Sea, the people become the children of YHWH! Now they are armed with the Mighty Right Arm of YHWH, who leads them to victory!

    English: Red Sea stony beach in Taba, Egypt (v...

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  • Egypt was a staff of a broken reed to the House of Yisra’el , says Yahweh, in Ezekiel 29: 6-7, “…when they grasped you…you broke and tore their shoulders. When they leaned on you, you broke and made all their loins [area of power] shake.”
  • A reed is also a measuring rod, as used in Ezekiel’s visions of Elohim, chapters 40 through 42 , to measure the  wall and the House of the city, eventually to measure us against the plumb-line [ Amos 7:7-8] :

So He [Elohim] brought me there, and look, a Man whose appearance was like the appearance of bronze, and a line of flax and a measuring qaneh [reed] in His hand, and He stood in the gateway. [Ezekiel 40:3]

  •  1 Kings 14:15 ” For YHWH shall smite Yisrael, as a reed shaken in the mayim [waters]…”. quoted in Matthew 11:7 & Luke 7:24, ” A reed shaken with the wind…”!
  •   Isaiah 36: 6 [ also see 2 Kings 18:21]  ” See, you trust in the staff of this broken reed, on Egypt; which is a man leans on , it will go into his hand, and pierce it…”. A reed was placed in Yeshua’s right hand [Matthew 27:29],  “they took the reed and struck Him on the head”  with it [v. 30]! It was also on a reed that a vinegar soaked sponge was placed and given to Him to drink when He was thirsty[v. 48]!
  •  Isaiah 42:3 [Quoted in Matthew 12:20] ” A bruised reed shall He not break…”. Messiah would bring justice through gentleness! Are we not all bruised reeds in life waiting to be erected , made new: behold, He makes new creatures, all things new!

This is what He showed me, and see Yahweh stood on a wall made with a plumb-line, with a plumb-line in His hand, and Yahweh said to me, “Amos, what do you see?” And I said, ” A plumb-line!” And Yahweh said, “See, I am putting a plumb-line in the midst of My people Yisra’el, no longer do I pardon them. [Amos 7:7-8]

  • We must receive Yeshua as LORD & repent for remission of sins. No longer will Yahweh pardon us. According to the plumb-line, in the midst of His people Yisra’el, we are measured now. Yeshua is the Plumb-line ! Yahweh will never again overlook our offenses. The high places will be made desolate, the sanctuaries of abomination will be destroyed; He will right wrong and end evil. [Amos 7:9]

The first miracle of Yeshua was done among the sea of reeds similar to the first miracle of Yahweh after the exodus: changing the waters to cleanse, purify, and turn us , and fill us with new wine, as prophesied by Yo’el [2:19]!

May we remember the 3rd spice,  calamus , the reed or cane, and the Righteous One who came to this world of sin to cleanse us from our iniquity and make us right with Him. May we all enter into a right relationship with our Maker and Redeemer, the Holy One of Yisra’el!


The Calamus & Reed Connection