Asher, Happiness & the Number 8

Are you “happy”? Are you supposed to be “happy”? What is “happiness”?avinu-shebashamayim-1-9-11

“Happy” as 1st seen in the Holy Scriptures is in Genesis 30: 12-13:

 Zilpah Leah’s slave-girl bore Jacob a 2nd son, and Leah said, ‘How happy [in Hebrew, ‘asher] I am! Women will say I am happy!’ and called him Asher.

Asher derives from the primitive Hebrew root ‘asher: to be straight, be level, right, or happy , to go forward, be honest, prosper, as also in Job 29:11, Psalms 72:17, Proverbs 31:28, and Malachi 3:12, 15.

 So, Asher is pronounce ‘ happy’ or call blessed, one who is honest and prosperous in right level way of living! If so, you are happy!

Asher” or happy is son #8, after Reuben #1 [see, a son]; Simeon #2 [Shi’mon, hearing]; Levi #3 [joining, attaching]; Judah #4 [Y’hudah, praise]; Dan #5 [He judged]; Naphtali #6 [my wrestling]; and Gad #7 [good fortune].

  • Message in the  8 sons of Jacob:

See [that God is good]  +Hear [His Word ] +Join or Marry [to God] +Praise [His Name] +Reason [Together with God, Isaiah 1:16] +Contend [fight the good fight of faith]—> Good Fortune and Happiness!                        100_3438 (1024x683)

  •  In Hebrew the number eight is (Sh’moneh), from the root (Shah’meyn), “to make fat,” “cover with fat,” “to super-abound.” “Fatness” symbolizes the blessing of abundance and oils and fats become poured out &  sacrificed by Jacob in chapter 28 and by the Levites later on.
  • Of Asher Moses says in Deuteronomy 33:24-25:

May Asher be most blessed of sons [out of Reuben, Judah, Levi, Benjamin, Joseph, Zebulon, Gad, Dan, Naphtali; Simeon (hearing)  and Issachar (reward) not mentioned; ] , May he be the favorite among his brothers and bathe his feet in oil. May your bolts be of iron and bronze and your strength last as long as you live.

  • Moses continues to teach “Yeshurun” the beloved one that there is “no one like God, riding through the heavens to help you [v.26]! “

The God of old is a dwelling-place, with everlasting arms beneath. He expelled the enemy before you and He said, “Destroy!” So Israel lives in security…Happy [‘asher, O thy happiness] are you, Israel! Who is like you, a people saved by Yehovah, your defender helping you and your sword of triumph. Your enemies will cringe before you, but you will trample down their high places [Dt. 33:27-29].100_3365 (1024x683)


The queen of Sheba was breathless when she saw the wisdom and prosperity of Solomon in 1 Kings 10. In verse 8 she states how “happy your people must be, how happy these servants of yours who are always here attending  you and get to hear your wisdom! 9 Blessed be Yehovah your God, who took pleasure in you to put you on the throne of Israel.” She gave him 4 tons of gold!

How happy [‘asher] are we when we receive the Father’s spirit, the 7 as in Isaiah 11: 1-2: the same spirit  of Yehovah which rested on Yeshua Jesus the Messiah rests on and in us if we believe: with  His Spirit of wisdom, understanding,  counsel, power, knowledge, and fearing [revering] Yehovah!

David sang in a song [Psalms 144:15] :  “How happy the people who live in such conditions [the blessings]! How happy the people whose God is Yehovah!”

Happy is he whose help is Jacob’s God, whose hope is in Yehovah his God [Psalms 146:5]

Happy the person who finds wisdom, the person who acquires understanding, for her [wisdom’s] profit exceeds that of silver, gaining her [wisdom] is better than gold, she is more precious than pearls–nothing you want can compare with her [wisdom] [Proverbs 3:13-15].

How happy is everyone who fears Yehovah, who lives by His ways. You will eat what your hands have produced, you will be happy and prosperous [Psalms 128:1-2].

There was also a prophet named Anna [Hannah] daughter of Penuel of the tribe of Asher [happy] . She was a very old woman [84= 10 x 8  , complete abundance +4 corners of earth]…She never left the Temple grounds but worshipped there night and day, fasting and praying. She came by at that moment [Mary & Joseph brought baby Jesus] and began thanking God and speaking about the child to everyone  who was waiting for Jerusalem to be liberated [Luke 2:36-38].

“Now if I , the Lord and Rabbi, have washed your feet, you also should wash each other’s feet. For I have set an example, so you may do as I have done to you…If you know these things, you will be blessed [happy] if you do them [John 13:14-17]”.

  • This ‘happy‘ is in Greek : “makarios“, supremely blest, fortunate, well off, blessed! Blessed is he who obeys and follows as taught.

Look, we regard those who persevered as blessed [happy]. You have heard of the perseverance of Job, and you know what the purpose of Yehovah was, that Yehovah is very compassionate and merciful [James 5:11].

How happy [asher] the person whom God corrects! So don’t despise Shaddai’s   [the Almighty’s] discipline. For He wounds, but he bandages the sore; His hands may strike, but they also heal [Job 5:17-18].

There is power in contentment, to choose to be happy over sad, to “count your blessings one by one and see what God has done” in your life. Look not to others. Choose not to be discontent. We are created to worship Yehovah [Psalm 150]. This journey is “not about us but about Him”. We are here to glorify God:

Romans 11:36″ For from Him and through Him and to Him are all things. To Him be the glory forever! Amen”.

Once we submit our lives to Him, He fills us with the abundant life, the fatness, the #8, the ‘asher, happiness. Shalom

enjoy honor God



Shout, O barren one, You who bore no child! Shout aloud for joy, You who did not travail! For the children of the wife forlorn shall outnumber those of the espoused–said Yehovah the LORD! ~ Isaiah 54:1

In Genesis 38, Tamar, a  young childless widow, probably prayed for a child and humbly received the “duty [Levitical law of inheritance, Deuteronomy 25:5]” of her brother-in-laws to provide offspring by her, for their brother. However, they did not right as we shall study, and “sin crouching at the door”, almost prevented the Messiah to come through the line of Judah!

We can see an example of sin “crouching at the door” in Genesis 4: the LORD was not accepting Cain and his offerings to Him because Cain’s heart was not acceptable. Rather than repent and turn from his sin, he became distressed.

Yehovah God  said to Cain ,

“Why are you wroth? And why is your face fallen? [Genesis 4:6] If you do well, is there not acceptance?

And if you do not do well, sin is crouching at the door. And its desire is for you, but you should master it [v.7]”!

Cain~ Qayin [Hebrew= striking fast, a lance or spear]~  does not do right, murders his  twin brother, Abel, and is driven into the wilderness marked [v.15].

Since man is sinful, the Holy Spirit, the very breath of Yehovah,  “shall not abide in man forever”, [Genesis 6:3]. Yehovah will not strive forever in our going astray. We are flesh and our days are numbered [6:3, 5]. We need to be masters over sin and death, made in His image. But we are flesh and… little “sin” or “missing the mark” leads often to more sin unless we “nip it in the bud”!

  • With sin forever crouching at the door, how do we master it?

Judah [~Yahudah, in Hebrew,  means “worshipper of YHVH”] is  Ya’akov/ Jacob’s  4th son] and goes astray. He had gone astray long before he deceived Tamar, his daughter-in-law to wait at her father’s house with no intention of giving his son, Shelach, to her [Gen. 38:11].

Sin crouched earlier at his door and that of his 9 brethren, when they became jealous of Joseph [Yoseph], envious of his multi-colored coat, and hated him for his dreams of the “sun and moon and the eleven stars [his brothers] bowing down” to him [Gen. 37:3-11] . Yoseph was only 17 and Benyamin [Benjamin] was younger and stayed behind with Ya’akov.

Sin became evident when they conspired to murder Yoseph . At the counsel of the eldest, Re’uben, they stripped Yoseph and threw him into a dry pit [v.22].  And Yahudah [Hebrew, “one who worshiped Yehovah”]  advised they sell Yoseph so ‘their hands would be clean’!

“And at that time [Yoseph sold to Potiphar in Egypt] it came to be that Yahudah (1) left his brothers [and Ya’akov ] and (2) turned aside to a man [not Yehovah!] an Adullamite whose name was Chirah [in the sense of false ‘splendor’] {Gen. 38:1}”.

“And Yahudah (3) saw there a daughter of a certain Kena’anite whose name was Shuwa [halloo, a cry of freedom]. And he (4) took her and went in to her [v. 2].”

Yahudah was even in Chezib, a Canaanite [Kena’anite] village, at the birth of Shelah, his third son [v.5].

  • Chezib , in Hebrew, is “falsified” from “kazab“, to lie, deceive, fail.

Yahudah took  Tamar [ Hebrew=palm tree] for Er [Hebrew=watchful] , his first-born son, to wife. But Er “was evil in the eyes of YHWH, and YHWH took his life [v.7]”.

Onan [Hebrew=strong], his second son, was told to “go in to your brother’s wife and marry her and raise up an heir to your brother [v.8]”. But Onan refused, wasted his ‘seed’ on the ground, not wanting to give an offspring for his brother Er [v.9]. Yehovah takes his life too [v.10]! What Onan did displeased Yehovah.

  • The custom both among the Hebrews, Ya’akov and 12 sons, and throughout the ancient world was that, if a man died without having any heirs, it was the duty of his younger brothers or his nearest surviving male relative to take his widow and have children by her who would carry on his family name. It was always Yehovah’s way to multiply Yisra’el among the nations.

When brothers live together and one of them dies and has no son, the wife of the deceased shall not be married outside the family to a strange man. Her husband’s brother shall go in to her and take her to himself as wife and perform the duty of a husband’s brother to her.  (Deuteronomy 25:5)

  • 400 years later, at Mt. Sinai, it became ” Torah ” or   “teaching”, instructions : the Levitical law of inheritance, Yehovah’s desire for our best way of life!

And it shall be that the first-born whom she bears shall assume the name of his dead brother, that his name may not be blotted out from Yisrael.” (Deuteronomy 25:6).

Yahudah deceives by sending Tamar back to her father’s home and fails to see Yehovah’s hand:

“‘Remain a widow in your father’s house until my son Shelah is grown’. For he said, ‘Lest he also die as his brothers did’ [v.11].”

Yahudah neither gives Tamar to his son Shelah nor takes Tamar to wife after the death of his wife [Gen. 38:12]. Also there are no heirs for Er and Onan.

Yahudah has forsaken the ways of his fathers Ya’akov , Yitzchak and Avraham, and  ‘errs ‘ in so many ways!

“In You our fathers trusted; they trusted, and You rescued them. To You they cried out and they escaped; In You they trusted and were not disappointed [Psalm 22:5-6]”!

  • His father Ya’akov marries Rivkah’s nieces, worships Yehovah, builds altars of sacrifice and praise, confesses his sin and fault, swears by fear of Yehovah, prays to the Elohim of his father in thanksgiving and supplication, even dreams in the Spirit with understanding! [Genesis 28:1-5,10-22; 31:53, 54; 32:10-13; 35:6-7, 9-12]

Rather, Yahudah is comforted [nacham, to sigh or breath deeply] after his wife’s death by ascending to his sheep-shearers, “gazaz-tse’own” to cut off his flock’s wool, figuratively to destroy an enemy himself, rather than through a sin sacrifice or supplication to Yehovah.

  • Ya’akov , his father, would have ascended to Beyth-El [House of El], and offered a prayer of supplication, to receive Yehovah’s open portal of forgiveness and blessings.

In Isaiah 1:15-16, Yehovah appeals to those whose heart is corrupt and full of evil:

“Wash yourself and make yourself clean; put away the evil of your doings from before My eyes…learn to do good; seek mishpat [right-ruling], relieve the oppressed, defend the fatherless, and plead for the widow.

“Come now, and let us reason together, says YHWH: though your sins are as scarlet, they shall be white as snow; though they are red like crimson, they shall be as wool “.

  • If Yahudah were willing and obedient to Yehovah and His Way, his sins would be clipped, removed like wool, and be as far as the East is from the West!

Rather, Yahudah goes to Timnath with his chaver [friend] Chirah [false splendor] the Adullamite.  Timnah in Hebrew means “portion assigned”, from manah, to weigh out, allot, or prepare. Timnah was also a clan with families of Esau in Edom [Genesis 36:40].

Judah Gives his Signet, Bracelets and Staff in...

Judah Gives his Signet, Bracelets and Staff in Pledge to Tamar (illustration from the 1728 Figures de la Bible) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  • Timna in Genesis 36:12 is Esau’s son’s concubine, giving birth to Amalek, future enemy of  Israel [Yisra’el] the nation. Over 400 years later, Timnath is where Joshua is buried in Judah [Yahudah] and Sampson meets his first wife, in Dan [Judges 14:1].

Tamar rises like a palm tree to claim her “portion assigned” and right the wrongs of the Yahudah clan. Disguised as a harlot, she sits in the gate Enaim [~ ‘ayin: eye or fountain] or “the way to Timnath”! Yahudah turns to her by the way, pledges a kid goat and gives his seal, cord and staff to hold. Tamar conceives and reveals the father when Yahudah is about to have her burnt for fornication.

“And Yahudah acknowledged them [the seal, cord and staff], and said, She has been more tzadik [righteous] than I; because that I gave her not to Shelach my son. And he knew her no more [Genesis 38:26].”

The seal, cord and staff of Yahudah foreshadow the King and Messiah to come through the line of Yahudah:

Tamar holds the seal, cord & staff of Yehudah as proof…

  • Seal of the signet ring of rulership: “your brothers praise you; your hand is on the neck of your enemies; your father’s children bow down to you [Genesis 49:8”;
  • Cord or twine to bind “the donkey to the vine and the donkey’s colt to the choice vine [v.11];
  • Staff or sceptre that ” shall not turn aside from Yehudah nor a Lawgiver from between his feet, until Shiloh comes and to Him is the obedience of peoples [prophecy of Ya’akov, [ v.10]”.
  • Shiloh [shiy’loh] is “tranquil”, and a descriptive word for “Messiah”.
  • “Shiloh”  derives from “shalah” or “shalav”, to be tranquil, secure or successful, prosperous, happy. Messiah Yeshua promises life abundant with His peace, in Him.
  • Shelah, the son of Yahudah, is “petition and request”; however, the same name, Shelah, in 1 Chronicles 1:18, the son of Arphaxad, the son of Shem, is ” shoot of growth, a branch or missile such as a spear”, Shelach, from “shalach” to send away/ for or out, stretch forth, spread.
  • Siloam, the pool in Jerusalem, by the king’s garden is the same as Shiloah or Siloah, both derived from Shelach or Shiloach, a rill or fountain.

“And it came to be, when she [Tamar] was giving birth, that the one put out his hand. And the midwife took a scarlet thread and bound it on his hand, saying, ‘This one came out first’…as he drew back his hand…his brother came out! And she said, ‘How did you break through? This breach be upon you!’ So his name was called Perets.[Genesis 38:27-30]”!

” The sons of Yahudah : Er [WATCHFUL], AND Onan [STRONG] , and Shelach [SHOOT OF GROWTH]; the three of them were born to him by the daughter of Shuwa [ CRY OF FREEDOM, RICHES], the Kena’anitess. And Er, the first-born of Yehudah, was evil in the eyes of Yehovah, and He slew him [1 Chronicles 2: 3]”.

Watchful Strong Shoot of Growth Cries Freedom Abundance of Life: joy peace longsuffering in the Branch, the Nazarene Yeshua.

4) And Tamar [PALM tree], his daughter-in-law, bore him Perets [BREACH] and Zerach [RISING of LIGHT]. All the sons of Yahudah were five…5)  the sons of Perets… 6) and the sons of Zerach…”.

So the son of Yahudah, Perets, is ” a break “, from parats : to break out, make a breach, break away/ up/ forth, burst out, compel, disperse, open & press~ the rachamim [mercies] of Yehovah on the house of Yahudah!

“And those from among you shall build the old waste places. You shall raise up the foundations of many generations. And you would be called the Repairer of the breach [peretz], the Restorer of streets to dwell in.” ~ “light break forth..whose waters fail not” prophecy, Yeshayahu/ Isaiah 58:12

  • Job declares during his broken-mess, until Yehovah blesses him double :

“I was at ease, but He broke me. And He took me by the neck and shattered me, and He has stood me up for His target…He made a breach [peretz] in me, breach upon breach. He runs upon me like a mighty man [Job 16: 12 & 14].”

Perets’ twin, Zerach, becomes a hint of “rising of light”, from zarach, to irradiate, shoot forth beams of light, to rise as the sun; to appear suddenly, as soon as it is up!

Tamar pressed on , dioko, [ Greek ], to pursue, press toward, follow after:

“I press [dioko] on toward the goal for the prize of the high calling of Elohim in Mashiach Yeshua [ of God in Messiah Jesus]”. ~ Rabbi Sha’ul/ Paul, in Philippians 3:14

The genealogy of Perets [ the son of Tamar with Yahudah] :  Perets–> Chetsron–>Ram–> Amminadab–> Nahshon–>Salmon–>Boaz–>Obed–>Yishai [Jesse]–>  David —> 14 generations –> Messiah Yeshua.

“In that day, there shall be a Root of Yishai/Jesse standing as a banner to peoples– Unto Him [Messiah Yeshua] the gentiles/nations shall seek,   and His Rest shall be esteem…And it shall be in that day that YHWH puts His hand again a second time to recover the remnant of His people…And He shall raise a banner and gather the outcasts…and assemble the dispersed of Yahudah from the four corners of the earth [ Yeshayahu/ Isaiah 11:10-12]”.

  •  Widow Naomi sells her husband’s land and now destitute, seeks a “redeemer”. But the ‘next-in-line’ redeemer was ‘unavailable; instead he tells Boaz, next in line,to buy it himself!  He takes off his shoe before elders and the people to confirm the sale to Boaz, that he would no longer ‘walk on the land’ nor own it. So Boaz redeems or buys all that was Naomi’s husband’s, and her deceased sons and acquires Ruth, her daughter-in-law, as his wife to raise up the name of the dead on his inheritance . Boaz becomes “the kinsman redeemer”!
  • Ruth the Mo’abitess, a gentile, an alien and foreigner ,  is blessed through a  Hebrew redeemer!

” YHWH make the woman …as Rachel and as Leah [Ya’akov’s wives]…and proclaim the NAME in Beyth Lechem [ House of Bread~,  birthplace of Messiah, Bethlehem] (Ruth 4:11)”!

“And let your house be like the house of Perets whom Tamar bore to Yahudah, of the seed which YHWH gives you from this young woman [v. 12]”!

  • Naomi  had said to call her “Mara, for El Shaddai has dealt very bitterly with me [1:20]”!
  • Now, the women in praise  to Yehovah, esteem:

“Baruch [blessed] be YHWH, who has not left you this day without a Redeemer. And let His NAME be proclaimed in Yisra’el. And He shall be to you a Restorer of Life and a sustainer of your old age [Ruth 4:14-15]”!

“And the sons of Yehudah, according to their clans: of Shelah, the clan of the Shelanites; of Perets, the clan of the Partsites; of Zerach, the clan of the Zarchites. And the sons of Perets: of Chetsron, the clan of Chetsronites; of Chamul, the clan of Chamulites.

These are the clans of Yahudah according to their registered ones: 76,500 [Numbers 26: 20-22]”!

“So all the generations from Abraham to David were 14…and from David until the exile to Babel were 14…and from the exile to Babel until Messiah were 14…. [Mattityahu/ Matthew 1:17]”.

“And she shall give birth to a  Son [Ben] and you shall call His Name Yeshua for He shall save His people from their sins [Mattityahu/ Matthew 1:21]”.

May you receive this Son in your life. Yehovah has insured a Way for us to be saved from “sin crouching at the door”. If we believe on this Son and receive Him as LORD and Savior we shall reign with Him in the coming millennium and live eternal, amen.

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Press on to Your Assigned Portion: the Story of Tamar

Tamar rises like a palm tree to claim her “portion assigned” and right the wrongs of the Yehudah clan. Disguised as a harlot, she sits in the gate Enaim [~ ‘ayin: eye or fountain] or way to Timnath! Yehudah turns to her by the way, pledges a kid goat and gives his seal, cord and staff to hold. Tamar conceives and reveals the father when Yehudah is about to have her burnt for fornication.


White stairway


Do you know the  “steps to GOD“? Have you “entered the 10 ‘dimensions’ of GOD? Are you  going up higher in Him?  How do we get close to GOD? And how do we measure this “closeness ” to Him? What are the 10 dimensions?

  • Dimension: any measurable extent as length, breadth, thickness or height; or size; or magnitude, from French, a measuring!

How do we measure ourselves in GOD? what and how do we measure these dimensions or length, breadth, height in Him?

We know that nothing can separate us from His love for us. As Paul the apostle [Sha’ul, also a rabbi] said

” …we are more than conquerors through Him that loved us. For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor heavenly angels, nor principalities [of darkness], nor powers [of darkness], nor things present, nor things to come, nor height, nor depth, nor any other creation, shall be able to separate us from the love [ahava] of Yahweh, which is in Messiah Y’shua our Savior.” [Romans 8: 37-39]

We read from  chapter 32:1 of JOB,  that Job is ”self-righteous”. In chapter 32 of JOB, Elihu, one of his 3 “friends”,  responds, telling Job, ‘See, in this you are not righteous…

         Why do you complain against Him [GOD] ? For He doesn’t give answers about all His matters. For El [GOD] speaks once or twice, yet a man perceives not. In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falls on men, in slumbering on the bed; Then He opens the ears of men & seals their instructions.

      GOD [Yahweh] is always working: He may remove man from His purpose! He hides pride from man…keeps back man’s being from hell…his life from perishing…chastens him with pain…the multitude of his bones with strong pain!

      GOD sends a messenger with him, a Mediator [Y’shua  Jesus] one among a thousand, to show to man His righteousness!

      His flesh shall be fresher than a child’s…he shall make prayer to Eloah [form of El], and He will show unmerited favor to him: and He shall see his face with joy: for He will restore to man his own righteousness! [Job 33:12-30]

Yahweh answers ”out of the hurricane ” [translated as ‘ whirlwind’ , which took up Elijah into Heaven, 2 Kings 2:1]  asking,

Where were you when I laid the earth’s foundation?…Who marked off its dimensions?…Who stretched a measuring line across it? [Y’shua stretched the plumb line ]  On what were its footings set, or who laid its Cornerstone [Y’shua] – while the morning stars sang together and all the angels shouted for joy? [38:4-7]

Will the one who contends [riyb to toss or grapple] with the Almighty [Elohim] correct Him? Let him who accuses GOD [El] answer Him!” [40:2]

Then Job answered Yahweh: ‘I am unworthy-how can I reply to You? I put my hand over my mouth…” [3-5]

  • Job rises up in Yahweh, by chapter 42, knowing Yahweh is Sovereign, that He can do all things, and that no plan of His can be thwarted. [42 :2]   Job admits he spoke of things he did not understand, ”things too wonderful for me to know”. Yahweh said, “Listen now” and Job listened.

My ears had heard of you but now my eyes have seen you. Therefore I despise myself and repent in dust and ashes.” [v.5-6]

  • Job  repents in the ”finished” ashes and symbolically becomes covered with  friends’ blood sacrifice offerings of 7 bulls & 7 rams !
  • He then prays for his friends, which Yahweh accepts [v.8].
  • Job is now considered  as ‘travailed‘ and brought forth to another dimension or step! Tribulation of Job was his trial , but the travail he did in intercession for himself and friends brought him through to the ”other end of the tunnel” and to a new dimension in GOD!
  • Travail” is arduous, exhausting, mental or physical; intense anguish or suffering especially when caused by extreme hardship! [ Travail comes from Medieval Latin instrument of torture made of 3 stakes!]
  • Job is blessed double with livestock, 10 children, including 3 beautiful daughters, with full inheritance and blessed names for the horn of plenty and salvation, the cleansing purification, and the Spirit [Qeren, Kezia, and Yeminah], and lives to see his 4th generation. [42: 10-17]

Some dimensions of Yahweh [ conviction, commitment, devotion and speech] are revealed , while some are secret, hidden, concealed [ super-conscious will, wisdom, understanding, love, fear, and mercy]  !  Ephesians 1:17-19 & 21:

That the Eloah of our Master Y’shua Messiah , the Abba Father of glory, may give to you the Ruach [Spirit] of wisdom and revelation in the da’at [knowledge] of Him:

So that the eyes of your lev [heart]  being enlightened; to know what is the hope of His calling, and what are the riches of the glory of His inheritance in the Yisraelite kidushim [the saints or holy ones of the Commonwealth of Yisrael, no longer Jew and Gentile],

And what is the exceeding greatness of His power to us, who believe, according to the working of His mighty power….”.

Far above all principality, and power, and might, and dominion, and every name that is named, not only in this age, but also in the age to come…”.

The 10 dimensions of Yahweh:

1. Faith in YHWH: pistis [Greek] persuasion, credence, conviction; must be born again [John 3:3-6] to see the Kingdom of Heaven; then will enter the Kingdom of Heaven; to know [as in marry & tarry], experience, and ”see” Him, as the Kingdom is within you [Luke 17:2]!

2. Light: Owr, illumination or luminary, from darkness to seeing a great light, the Light of the world, Yahshua Jesus the Son of GOD [John 8:12]; from sin to righteousness; ”…they grope in the dark without light…” [Job 12:25] He is our Light & Salvation, as we walk in the Light and rejoice. [Psalm 27:1]; to turn them from darkness to light. [Acts 26:18]; to now walk as children of light [ Ephesians 5:8]; for we are children of light [1 Thes. 5:5] !

3. Wisdom :Chokmah, skillful , wisely, wit by a Spirit of GOD, gives us counsel or advice, in every situation to know what to do; teaches us to rightly apply revelation; gives us a wise & discerning heart. Joshua received, ”…for Moshe had laid his hands on him…” [Deuteronomy 34:9] Wisdom cries out, as in Proverbs 1-8. Wisdom brings wealth & honor and long life.

4. Revelation: apokalupsis, disclosure by a Spirit of GOD, to bring light and unveil hidden things, and disclose the secrets of GOD: reading the Word; prophetic, as in dreams or divine!

5. Power:  a) Dunamis: healing power, explosive power, of the Holy Spirit [Ruach HaKodesh] receive from waiting on Him, as in Acts 1:8;  b) Ischus : energizing power which brings on dunamis, as the Spirit energizes your faith! Ischus is the prayer of faith [James 5:16] c) Kratos : another level, multiplying and prevailing power : ”So the word of the LORD grew mightily and prevailed [Acts 19:20] d) Exousia: delegated authority, as we step out in faith, as in speaking the word. We are given this power by Y’shua as in Matthew 10:1 :”…He gave them exousia over unclean spirits, to cast them out & to heal all kinds of sickness & all kinds of disease”.

6. Life: Chayim: in the Word, in Y’shua who is the Life and Resurrection; by the Word, not from hearsay nor others, but from the mouth of Yahweh. Life is birthed in our disasters! Yahweh pours waters on him who is thirsty and floods the dry ground, with streams and rivers of living waters. We are born again for His purpose, and power comes from this purpose. Sampson was born to be a deliverer of his people and so was given powers . When he lost sight of Yahweh, he lost his eyesight and hair. As his hair grew back, his power was restored; he gained insight, and standing between 2 pillars of strength, he brought the pagan temple down and killed the enemy.

7. Favor: Channan: unmerited kindness  from Yahweh, stooping or bending over to us, from an open heaven, sending the angels to delivering the blessings, as released by Yahweh. The Aaronic blessing states : ” This is the way you shall bless the children of Yisrael, saying to them, Yahweh bless you and keep you: Yahweh make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you: Yahweh lift up His countenance upon you and give you shalom. And they shall put My Name upon the children of Yisrael; and I will bless them [Numbers 6:23-27]”.  The Holy Spirit and the Kingdom live within us as believers! Believe and receive, and be favored ! “Favor and shalom be multiplied to you through the knowledge of Yahweh and Y’shua…[2 Peter 1:2-8]”.

8. Prosperity: Shalom, in Hebrew: safety, wellness, happiness, friendly; welfare, health, peace.  Deuteronomy 28 :1-12, the open heaven blessings! An open heaven is Yahweh’s treasure for you. The storehouse is open wide when we obey! All good things come from Him [James 1:17]! He wants to prosper you [Psalm 1]. Y’shua came to give you life abundant!

9. The Voice of YHWH : Shama: Hear intelligently with attention, and obedience! Pay attention to the ‘voice of many waters’ !His voice is connected to having an intimate knowledge of Him. Marry and tarry in the secret place of El Elyon and abide under the shadow of the wings of the Almighty [Psalm 91:1] Make Him your delight and He shall give you the desires of your heart. He is the Lover of your soul and so awaits your attention. He will awake you with the thunderous voice.

10. Worship Yahweh : Shachah: to depress, prostrate in homage to, bow down, crouch, fall down flat, humbly beseech, do obeisance, do reverence. Worship in Hebrew is a form of fastening up oneself to kiss [naw-shak]!

“Kiss the Son lest He be angry & you perish in the Way… [Psalm 2: 12].”

  • Praise, prayer, intimacy and worship, sitting at His feet and being in His presence are all connected.
  Yahweh exceeds our expectations in power and dominion when we humble ourself as ”the Hebrew slave” and serve our Master, in steadfast faith and prayer. Our trials and tribulations only advance this process or spiritual growth in Him. Ruth, the Moabite widow, entered the threshing floor of Boaz, only after supplicating on her knees, bowing, pounding the floor in earnest to Yahweh. Earlier, after the death of her husband, she revised by following Naomi to Bethlehem, listening to the wisdom and knowledge of elder Naomi! Now Ruth is revived ,  and blessed; and through the seed in her womb comes the Messiah!

There are many plans in a man’s heart; nevertheless the counsel of Yahweh shall stand [Proverbs 19:21].


Ten Dimensions of GOD

Do you know the “steps to GOD”? Have you “entered the 10 ‘dimensions’ of GOD? Are you going up higher in Him? How do we get close to GOD? And how do we measure this “closeness ” to Him? What are the 10 dimensions?

Dimension: any measurable extent as length, breadth, thickness or height; or size; or magnitude, from French, a measuring!

How do we measure ourselves in GOD? what and how do we measure these dimensions or length, breadth, height in Him?