How Should We Inquire of GOD?

“And when [King] Saul saw the armies of Philistines, he was afraid, & his heart greatly trembled.  And when Saul inquired of YHWH, YHWH answered him not, neither by dreams nor by Urim, nor by neviim [prophets]. ” Saul visited a medium instead, an abomination, and so lost the battle. [1 Samuel 28:5-6]

YHWH’s word says we are not to seek fortune tellers, psychics, diviners, nor  horoscopes! [Deuteronomy 18:10-13]

Samuel the prophet & priest of YHWH was now dead, and Saul had put away those with familiar spirits & wizards out of Israel. David dwelt with the Philistines. Saul went before YHWH but received not an answer: no dreams, no oracle lights from the Urim & Thummim. Urim & Thummim? What was the Urim & Thummim?

Urim & Thummim were symbolic objects of “lights” & “perfections” placed in the Breastplate of Judgement worn by the High Priest to carry the burden of the 12 tribes of Israel into the Holy Place of the Tabernacle. Set in the Breastplate worn over the chest,were setting of stones, 4 rows of 3 stones,  made by skilled workers in gold, entwined with threads of gold, blue, purple, scarlet & fine twined linen,  4-squared with pure gold chains attached to 2 rings bound with blue lace to the shoulder garments. [Exodus 28:15-29]

And you shall put on the breastplate of mishpat [rulings] the Urim & Thummim; & they shall be upon Aaron‘s heart, when he goes in before YHWH: & Aaron shall bear the mishpat of the children of Yisrael upon his heart before YHWH continually.[v. 30]

  • It has been said as the priest lit the Menorah in the Holy Place, and bowed or prostrated himself, the Urim and Thummim would light up in answer to the questions presented in prayer.

Leviticus 8:8 states Moshe  put the breastplate upon Aaron and also put in the breastplate the Urim & the Thummim.

In Numbers 27: 16-18  Moshe asked YHWH for a new leader over the congregation.  Moshe was instructed to take Joshua [Yahoshua] Son of Nun, “a man in whom is the Ru-ach [Spirit]“, lay his hands upon him, set him before the priest & the congregation, give him a charge, put some of his honor on him, that Israel would be obedient.

“And he shall stand before El-Azar the kohen [priest] who shall ask counsel for him after the mishpat of Urim before YHWH: at His word shall they go out, & at His word they shall come in, both he, & all the children of Yisrael with him, even all the congregation.”[v.18-21]

So the congregation of YHWH had a “shepherd over the sheep” directed by the mishpat [judgement] of Urim before YHWH, to go in & out according to YHWH.

Joshua passed, evil set in & from Judges on to King Saul, we had priests but no cohen, high priest son of Levi, to wear the breastplate with the Urim & Thummim ! Especially once Samuel died.

Ezra 2:63 [ & Nehemiah 7:65 ] raised the same issue, after the return of the exiles to Jerusalem:

“The Tirshata [governor] told them not to eat any of the especially holy food until a cohen [priest] appeared who could consult the urim and tumim“. [The Jewish Complete Bible]

Who now is wearing the urim and tummim? How do we inquire of the Almighty now?

  •     Urim, lights , oracular brilliancy of figures is represented today by Yeshua, the Light of the world.
  • Thummim, [tummiym] symbolized the  perfections of Messiah, the plural of completeness, prosperity, fullness, integrity, simplicity, uprightness, from taw-mam, to complete, accomplish, or cease.
  • In Messiah, we are complete & cease from work for grace: He is our rest, our kippor or covering for our sin. He proclaimed on the execution stake , “It is finished“.

We are taught to make diligent inquiry of the LORD now , to call upon Him in times of trouble. Our heart is not to be troubled [John 14:1]

The Comforter which is the Ru-ach Hakodesh, whom the Father has sent, shall teach us all things & bring things to remembrance, what the Savior teaches us. [v.26]

Shalom or peace He leaves us. “Whatever you shall ask My Abba in My Name, He will give it to you”. [John 16:23]

The Father will keep you from evil & set you apart through His Word , which is emet [truth], including the Torah & the Tanakh, the 1st Covenant, known as the “old testament”.  [v.17]

We have a Great Shepherd to guide our going out & our coming in, forever. Amen.





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