The 7 Sons, a Hidden Mystery Revealed

King David [Daw-viyd, loving] was the 7th son of Yishai [Yishay, Iy-shah-iy, extant, to exist;Jesse] and ruled 7 years in Hebron  and 33 years in Yerushalayim, as king. Sometime afterward, there were 7 sons born to a “son” of David, Elyo‘einai , El-yow-ey-nay, “toward Yah are my eyes“, 2 Chronicles 3:24.

A page from a 14th century German Haggadah

A page from a 14th century German Haggadah (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There was I lead to a hidden mystery in the ‘7 sons’. Yeshua said to search the Scriptures. So I searched the hidden meanings for “the sons of Elyo’einai: Hodavyahu, Elyashiv, P’layah, ‘Akuv, Yochanan, D’layah, and ‘Anani–seven [2 Chron. 2:34]”.


  1. Hodavyahu, Ho-dav-yahu: [hode=grandeur] a royal descendant; majesty of  our Yah!  5 Hodavyahu’s in Scriptures
  2. Elyashiv, 7x’s name ascribed: “Yah will restore“, El-ya-shiv;  from SC#7725 shuwv: turn back
  3. P’layah, 3x’s ascribed, here and in Nehemiah 8, 10: Pe-law-yah, “Yah has distinguished“; from paw-lah, to separate, make great, wonderful, miracles
  4. Akuv, 5x’s ascribed, Ezra, Nehemiah 7,8 ; Akkub [KJV] : insidious sly – treacherous – guileful – crafty – perfidious, in a slow-cunning-way; from ‘akav: to swellout, seize by the heel, circumvent, restrain, as if “holding the heel”! [who else but Ya’akov the supplanter!]
  5. Yochanan, 11x’s ascribed names, including “John”! {and me! }[Yochananah, fem.]: Ye-how-chanan, “Yehovah has favored“; from “chanan“, to bend over, stoop, show mercies
  6. D’layah, only used here; De-law-yah, “Yah has delivered” or “Yah has lifted up“; from daw-law, to dangle, let down a bucket for drawing out water; remember Rav Sha’ul, who was ‘delivered’ by brothers lowering him in a bucket from a window!
  7. Anani, used once; A-naw-niy, cloudy; a cloud-covering sky , nimbus and thunder clouds; from anan, aw-nan: to cover, act covertly, practice magic, enchanter, soothsayer, sorcerer!

The mother of 7 sons grows faint,

panting in despair;

her sun [pun for son?] has gone down while it’s still daytime; she is disgraced and bewildered.

And the rest of them I will give to the sword,

 to their enemies,” says Yahweh. [Yirmeyahu – Jeremiah 15:9]

The 7 sons of Elyo’einai , progeny of David , give us a hidden or “sod” message:

  • Toward Yah should be my eyes,
  • as I behold His majesty and grandeur;
  • Yah will restore as I turn back to Him.
  • He alone will distinguish me, separate me, make me great, for He is wonderful of miracles
  • Lest I swell out, become arrogant, haughty, seize by the heel rather than by the heart
  • Yah alone grants favor, rachamim [mercies ongoing], exalts the humble, shines His face; gives shalom [peace, contentment, blessings, health]
  • Yah lifts me up from the pit, the miry clay; sets my feet on the Rock; establishes the Way; shines His lamp; anoints me, fills me with His oil, His ‘Ruach HaKodesh‘, Holy Spirit; out of me flows ‘Rivers of Living Waters’
  • Dark clouds and thunder of Yah will cover me if I act covertly, practice magic, use enchantment, a soothsayer, or sorcerer.Image

Yirmeyahu [ “Yah will rise” ] was told by Yahweh to stop praying for “this people”. But Yahweh never forgets His child “Israel” and He will save them [Isaiah 49, 53]. We must continue to be His witness of love and rachamim. We all sin and need salvation through Yeshua, {“He will save”, short for SC#3091, Yehoshua, Yehovah-Saved}.

“Don’t you see what they are doing in the cities of Y’hudah and in the streets of Yerushalayim? The children gather wood, the fathers light the fire, and the women knead the dough to make cakes for the queen of heaven [Ishtar, Ashtoreth, Eastore, Mary]; and, just to provoke Me, they pour out drink offerings to other gods! Are they really provoking Me”, asks Yahweh, ” or are they provoking themselves to their own ruin?” [Yirmeyahu 7:16-19]

Yehovah’s anger and fury will be poured out but He saves!

“So I went in and looked, and there, carved on the walls all around, were every kind of reptile and repulsive animal [unclean], along with all the idols of the house of Israel. Standing in front of them were 70 of the leading men of the house of Israel-in the center stood Ya’azanyahu  [heard of Yah; Ja’azaniah, Jezaniah; a chief Rechabite, Yirmeyahu 35:3] the son of Shaphan. Each man had his incense-burner in his hand, and a thick cloud of incense went up.” [Yechezk’el – Ezekiel 8:7-18]

The 70 leaders of His House as the 7 th son have left the glory of Yah and are covered with darkness, idol worship instead. They even say in their hearts, “Yah can not see us”, lets follow Tammuz and worship the sun between the porch and the altar [v.14-16].

We must let go of pagan habits which invade our lives. We must follow and turn back to Yahweh, our Elohim, full of majesty and grandeur. May we say, ” my eye is toward Yah” and behold His glory. May He cleanse us of all iniquity, shine His face on us, and grant us favor and shalom. May we follow His Resurrected One, for he that has Him has Life. It is Yeshua who points us back to Yahweh. May we be obedient in keeping His Torah, for He has come to fulfill the prophecies of Him in it. He is the Passover !

It only takes a little hametz [ leavening, yeast=sin ] to leaven a whole batch of dough. Get rid of the old hametz, so that you can be a new batch of dough, because in reality, you are unleavened [as a believer in Yeshua]. For our Pesach [Passover] lamb, the Messiah [Anointed One, the Christ] has been sacrificed. So let us celebrate the Sedar [Passover service meal of order] not with leftover hametz, the hametz of wickedness and evil, but with the matzoh [unleavened bread] of purity and truth.” [ 1 Corinthians 5:6-8]

Chag Pesach Semeach, Joyous Feast of Passover, followed by Feast of Unleavened Bread [Exodus 12, Numbers 9, Deuteronomy 16, Joshua 5, 2 Kings 23, 2 Chronicles 30, 35, Ezra 6, Ezekiel 45, Matthew 26, Luke 22, John 2, 6, 11, 13, 18:28 & 39, 19:14, and Hebrews 11:28, and Acts 12:4 Passover as Pesach]Image

Accept all He wants to give, Meditate on Him and His Word, Adore Him, Trust & Obey!

English: Matzah Bread (unleavened flatbread fo...

English: Matzah Bread (unleavened flatbread for Passover/Pesach). Français : Pain Azyme (pain non-levé pour la Pâque juive : Pessah) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Matzoh, unleavened bread,

without leavening, something to make it rise, for “it” rises in Yeshua, the Bread or Matzoh!

The leavening =sin, so a Bread sinless is He!


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