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Cassia is the 4th ingredient in the  anointing oil of the Tabernacle, according to the word Yahweh gave Moshe :

And take for yourself choice spices [500 shekels liquid myrrh, 250 cinnamon, 250 calamus or cane reed] and 500 of cassia…and you shall make…a holy anointing oil…[Exodus 30:23-25]

  • Cassia [cinnamon aromaticum]  is often mistaken for cinnamon; looks like it, but it is not the same!
  • Cassia is “qiddah” in Hebrew, for the inner bark [shriveled rolls] imported from the East Indies, which has come to mean : contract, bend , stoop, or bow from the head down, [qiddah used in verses Ex. 30 and Ezekiel 27:19 :

Wedan and Yawan from Uzal paid for your  [Tsor’s] wares, they exchanged wrought iron , cassia [qiddah], and calamus [cane] for your merchandise.

  • Tsor [ a bare rock, in Hebrew, known as Tyre ] was a worldly merchant trade port on coast of Phoenicia trading with Damascus and Egypt. The king of Tsor also became symbolic later to represent hasatan [satan], trying to rob the Christ the Messiah of worship!
  • So… cassia means to bend the body or  bow down and worship …qiddah!
  • Qiddah!
  • Cassia is also known as Indian Oris [saussurea], and in Hebrew  is qetziah, as peeled [the bark] from the Hebrew qatzah: to scrape, or strip off partially; to segregate at an angle or to corner!
  • This cassia, qetziah, appears in Psalms 45, a Messianic song:

Your throne, O Elohim, is forever and ever, the sceptre of Your reign is a sceptre of straightness. You have loved righteousness and hated wickedness,

Therefore Elohim, Your Elohim, has anointed You with the oil of gladness more than Your companions.

All Your garments are myrrh and aloes, cassia [qetziah]; Out of the palaces of ivory, Stringed instruments have made You glad.[Psalms 45:6-8]

He came humble, lowly as a Man; no earthly possession nor place to lay His head. He was not received  by His own, often cornered for rebuke and even stoning.  He bent and stooped for us, this Man from heaven!  His glory peeled away, His garments became strips of linen dipped in myrrh, aloes and cassia! His submission and reverance were an example!

  • So…cassia can also mean to strip off, scrape, be peeled or cornered as well as bow down and stoop~

Man too is to submit and reverence His Creator and Redeemer. We are to contract and enter into covenant with Him. We are to stoop and bow down the head in humble and contrite heart. We need to be scraped and peeled of all our scars, hurts, “baggage”, unforgiveness, disrespect, bitterness, hopelessness, envy, jealousy, distrust, faithlessness, impatience…and anything which blocks loving Him and loving our neighbor as our selves: sin and sin’s sin! We need to get in that corner or prayer closet with Him and pray!

Cassia is mentioned x 3 in the Scriptures, but is doubly important, as the myrrh! Cassia is a reminder right there in the anointing oil: to submit and worship !  If we do not submit nor worship, we become disobedient and fall away.  Sha’ul [Paul] feared this, “lest I be cast away”! We are not “once saved, always saved”! It is all by His unmerited favor! We must check ourselves always: are we in obedience to His Word? Are we submissive or rebellious? It’s either one or the other: He hates lukewarm! Let cassia be a reminder to us all! May we all go to the Right! He will return soon as King!



Cassia: Peel, Bend & Roll


3 thoughts on “Cassia: Peel, Bend & Roll

  1. well written,reminded me of Matt. chapter 13…the distinction being that which is valued does bend as the breeze blows across the field…this is a wonderful series of teachings…thank you so much!

  2. LILLY RAJAM says:

    Praise the lord. This is a beautiful series, iam very much blessed and anointed by this purple message. It is very useful to me to know about the tremendous truth of HIS each word from His mouth. I got many revelations thru’ this sermon…. thank you very much God All-Mighty will make your name great…… and according to john 12:28 He brought glory to your ministry , & He will do so again. amen

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