The Myrrh, Miryam, Yeshua Connection

The Myrrh, Miryam, & Yeshua Connection: :” And coming into the house, they

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[magi; although could be scribes or rabbis]  saw the Child withEnglish: Adoration of the Wise Men by Murillo

Miryam His mother & fell down & did reverence to Him & opening their treasures, they presented to Him gifts of gold & frankincense & myrrh [Matthew 2:11]”.

1)  Myrrh is ‘mor‘, a bitter distilling , from ‘marar‘, [Hebrew] to be bitter.

2) ‘Miryam’ [ Mary ]  means “rebelliously”, from ‘Meriy‘, bitterness, also from ‘marar‘!
3) Myrrh is a prickly shrub or thornbush which

4) when cut or spontaneous, exudes yellow-brown sap which becomes pure when free-flowing! When yellow & brown mix, what color results ? Rust or blood stains!

Myrrh is a common resin in the Horn of Africa.

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5) Myrrh is mentioned 2 x 7=14 x’s in Scriptures [#7 = perfection].
6) Myrrh is fragrant oil of 4 in the Anointing Oil of the priest & given to the king.
7) Yeshua’s body, cut by thorns, was bound in fine white linen with myrrh & aloes, both bitter [John 19:39].

8) Yeshua came as Servant, as in Isaiah 40-54; is our Heavenly High Priest [as in Hebrews]; will return as King!


  • 2x7x mentioned in the Scriptures:
  •  pure myrrh [about 12 pounds]  500 shekels in the anointing oil, Ex.30:23;
  • 6 months with oil of myrrh to prepare Esther [2:12];
  • all His garments smell of [fragrant but bitter] myrrh, Ps. 45:8;
  • perfumed bed with myrrh, aloes & cinnamon, Prov.7:17;
  • Song of Songs,x7 verses:1:13, 3:6, 4:6,14, 5:1,5,13;
  • Matthew 2:11, Mark 15:23, John 19:39!

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