Need More Victory in Your Life? Dig a Ditch!

  If I washed myself with snow water, and cleansed my hands with soap,  then You would plunge me into a ditch,  and my garments shall abhor me! [Job 9:30-31]

Jewish King and soldiers in ancient Judah.

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Yahweh‘s soap opera: we can’t wash ourselves; only He can!  Many a king of Israel and Judah lost their way , not following Yahweh nor keeping His commands nor having a personal relationship with Him, like David. And they were dirty!

King Yahoram [~Yahweh-raised]  of Israel was dirty:   although removed the statue of Ba’al [v.2] :

  1. He worshiped Ba’al and clung to the sins of Yarob’am [2K 3:3].
  2. As Yarob’am,  Yahoram did not exalt HaShem [substitute title for YHWH], never became His servant, nor kept His Torah & commands like David [1K 14:7-9]!
  3. Yarob’am was the first king to have Israel worship calves of gold, similar to the bull of Wall Street [1K 12:28],
  4. Yarob’am had Israel worship not in Jerusalem as commanded,  but in Beth El and Dan, as high places and sites of idol worship, &
  5. Yarob’am appointed his own priests, not Levitical, and  performed sacrifice rituals at altars!

And you dug a ditch between the two walls for the water of the old pool. But you have not looked to its Maker, nor have you seen Him who fashioned it long ago. [Isaiah 22:11]

This king gets a threat from the king of Moab .  King Meysha was a sheep breeder and had paid off Yahoram’s father not to revolt. Since Ahab was now dead, Meysha revolts and is on the attack! Meysha ironically means in Hebrew ” safety” !  [The name Meysha  similarly derives from “yasha” to be open, free, or deliver , as Yeshua, the Great Shepherd!]

King Yahoram does not seek the face of HaShem. Rather, he first counts or musters up Israel men to fight. Then he messages the king of Judah to fight with him, & they pick up the king of Edom on the 7 day journey …and find themselves in the desert, with no water  for their army & livestock! Then Yahoram says, “What! Has YHWH called these 3 kings…?” when HaShem  was never consulted!

“Who do we call?

Yahoshaphat, the king of Judah asked, “Is there no prophet of YHWH here [v.11]?”.  They go to inquire of Elisha, ” who poured water out on the hands of Eliyahu [ ~ Elijah ]”.

Psalms 7: 14-15 says to note “he who is bound with wickedness, conceived trouble and brought forth falsehood”, that ” he has made a pit and dug it out, and falls into the ditch he made”!

Elisha looked at Yahoram and said to all 3 kings, ” What have I to do with you?”  But Elisha  respected the king of Judah so he requested a harpist, entered into worship of Yahweh. “And it came to be…that the Yad-YHWH, the hand of Yahweh, came upon Elisha [v. 15]! Only then did he receive a word from HaShem:

And he said, “Thus said YHWH, ‘Make this wadi [dry river bed] ditches-ditches.'” [v.16]

For thus said YHWH, ‘You are not going to see wind nor rain. Yet that wadi is to be filled with water

And this shall be but a light matter in the eyes of YHWH. And He shall give Moab into your hand.

Ditches were dug ! The grain offering was offered in the morning ! [According to Leviticus 6:15, frankincense was applied to the grain, and it was burnt for a sweet fragrance, as a remembrance portion to YHWH…eaten with unleavened bread , the priests were to eat it ….a Law forever in the generations [v.18]!]

Water came from the east….the land was filled with water! Mayim! Mayim! [~waters]!

Moab arose early in that morning too! The enemy saw the waters as red as blood! Blood is symbolic of the blood covering of Yeshua.

And they thought, ” This is blood. The kings have …killed one another!” Yet, when they came to the camp of the king Yahoram, Yisra’el ambushed them! HaShem indeed had given them the victory! The enemy was smitten and spoiled! They did as instructed by HaShem: Yisra’el broke their cities, made the land stony so  they could not plow nor grow food, stopped up all the wells and fountains of waters and cut down all the good trees!

  • Miracle: ditches full of water without seeing rain nor wind, usually from the south, in a dry place! The rain came from the East, symbolic of the Eternal One, sending His Spirit for cleansing and filling! The waters were as the blood of Yeshua, cleansing us and covering us, for life eternal!
  • The Israelites had to do something: dig the ditches [~geb: Hebrew; a well or cistern or pit! ] , chase the enemy, beat down cities, cast stones, stop all wells, chop down good trees !
  • Ditch ~ also miqvah, SC #4724: collection reservoir, pool used for purification or baptismal cleansing

I open rivers on bare hills, and fountains in the midst of valleys; I make a wilderness become a pool of water, and a dry land springs of water! [Isaiah 41:18]

Wash me completely from my guilt, and cleanse me from my sin. [Psalms 51:2]

Cleanse me with hyssop ( dipped in the blood of the Lamb ~ Exodus 12) , and I am clean; wash me and I am whiter than snow. [v. 7]

Go wash in the pool of Shiloah (~ Shiloh, the Messiah sent)…so he went and washed and came seeing! [John 9:7]

He saved us, not by works of righteousness which we have done but according to His compassion, through the washing of rebirth, and renewal by the Holy Spirit, which He poured  out on us richly through Yeshua Je’sus Christ our Savior…[Titus 3:5-6]!

The One who went to the pit of Hell Himself for us after shedding His Blood on the cross…the One who loves us so much and washes us from from our sins…the One who makes us kings and priests…look, He is coming with the clouds, and every eye shall see Him, even they who pierced Him. [Revelation 1:5-7; Zechariah 12:10]

May we dig a ditch, empty out ourselves, so He could fill us to the overflow!

But whoever drinks of the water I give him shall certainly never thirst. And the water that I give him shall become in him a fountain of water springing up into everlasting life! [John 4:14]

Ditch digging is hard work!

But Yeshua says…, ‘No one, having put his hand to the plow and looking back, is fit for the reign of the LORD’ [Luke 9:62]!Elisha raising the Shunammites Son

Like the Shunammite woman gathering all the empty vessels to be filled with oil, or the Israelites digging the wadi ditches, the deeper you dig the more you receive. You will get as much as you can receive! HaShem wants to bless us and lead us into victory. So…let us not be as  2 blind men leading each other, for both shall fall into the ditch! [Matthew 15:14]


2 thoughts on “Need More Victory in Your Life? Dig a Ditch!

  1. Gen.26:18 Isaac digged again….sometimes we find we must return to the place we know was water…once again [dig-carve out the land….] carve deep into the soil within to the place that the rivers of life may flow free and unhindered….shovels made of brass/judgementExodus 27:3….that as we understand,, and feel our need for depth…..for it is a dry thirsty land Isaiah 55:1Ho, every one that thirsteth, come ye to the waters, and he that hath no money; come ye, buy, and eat; yea, come, buy wine and milk without money and without price ……..beautiful work here,truely!

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