We  can use a pattern to more effectively pray! How? … through the Tabernacle, the pattern set in Heaven! We will see the Glory of the LORD in the Tabernacle!

THE GATE OR ENTRANCE [lower curtains, in the daylight of the    Courtyard]

No man comes to the Father except through Me, said Ye’shua! We enter by the Blood of the Lamb of YHWH the Almighty LORD! We receive Ye’shua as LORD and Savior. There is NONE ELSE!  Shema Yisrael ! Yahweh Ye’shua is Eloheinu, our Elohim; Yahweh echad is ONE! Ye’shua was the perfect sacrifice , one for all, once 2000 years ago; He will return as King, to set up the Messianic Age, Kingdom of Yahweh, with His  Wife , the bride, the body of believers of the Way.

  • The Gate~ the Way!
  • We pray to receive Ye’shua as LORD & Savior; King of kings, LORD of lords; Prince of Peace; Everlasting Father; Wonderful Counselor; Mighty GOD Elohim is He!
The Altar of Incense, Altar of Burnt-Offering,...

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  • Wood of Shittim or acasia ~ symbolic of man, COVERED WITH PURE GOLD ~ symbolic of the kippur or covering atonement of Yeshua,  WITH FOUR HORNS [~MIGHT OF YHWH] AT THE CORNERS [SEE NOTES ON ” THE FOUR HORNS” AND “CORNERS”]
  • in the outer courtyard, in the natural light

 Prayer: Thank you for Your Blood Ye’shua to forgive all my sins.

I confess that I am a sinner and have sinned against You in thought, word and deed.

I confess …..(Specific sins) … ask  Yeshua Jesus to show you areas of your life needing to be confessed and repented .

I crucify myself, my sinful, natural man, my flesh. I place myself on Your cross where You died for me.

I worship You because through Your Blood You have delivered me from the power of Satan and of the world.

Through Your stripes Ye’shua I am healed and I praise you for divine healing through Your Blood.

I praise You for freeing me from the curse of Adam because of his sin. You took that curse to the cross.

Your Word says You have redeemed me from the law and that I am delivered from failure and poverty caused by the fall of Adam.

Through Your Blood I am delivered from death and hell. You conquered death and hell.

By your Blood I am completely delivered from death and hell and am now living in Your Glory and am a member of the Kingdom of Yahweh Almighty Elohim God. Thank You, Ahmein.


  • Laver made from mirrors of the women, to reflect and see sin in self and repent from wicked or sinful ways, which are not of Yahweh!
  • At the entrance to the Holy Place; must wash  in laver before even  enter into Holy Place ! There the  curtains are higher with no natural light, only lit by the Candlestick~Yeshua.

Prayer:  Oh God, make me righteous through Your grace.

Heavenly Father, cleanse me from all unrighteousness.

Abba Father, put in me a clean heart. A heart that is pleasing to You.

Increase my faithfulness to You.

Make me faithful and loyal to You Father, especially as far as Your 10 Commandments are concerned.

O Adonai Elohim , purify me, sanctify me, and make me holy so I will be pleasing in Your sight.

Sanctify me in Your power.

Father, give me Your grace so that I may forgive ………

Holy Father, You help me to forgive ………….., please also help me to love them.

Father God, I know you cleanse me and forgive me, please help me to have a very soft and loving heart to my brothers, sisters and neighbors.

Heavenly Father, help me to live according to the measure of faith that You give me.

Keep me from pride and from the evil one and help me to live each moment according to the fullness of the faith you have given to me. Thank You, Ahmein.

  • Read Psalm 51
  • 12 loaves placed in 2 piles of 6, short of the grace ~ 12 tribes —->2 houses , Yahudah & Efrayim;
  •  bread baked with fine flour~ from the harvest of the earth; baked~ agony & suffering of Messiah, as punched down, pressed without leavening, no yeast, sinless;
    •  pure, not artificial bread with 2 deals out of 10 of flour per loaf!
    •  lined with a blue cloth~Heaven,
    • a scarlet cloth~blood atonement of Messiah, and
    •  badger skins [unclean] and goat skins [clean] over and under ~sacrifice total covering of Messiah!
    •  The Presence of YHWH~ the LIGHT, Y’shua,  eternal shining;
    •  the Fellowship of priests~ the communion of the body of Messiah, becoming one in Him;
    •  eating the Bread~ eating the Body of Messiah, receiving LIFE everlasting!~eating the WORD, tasting it, it is good! chewing, MEDITATING on the Word! HalleluYah!
    • Read John 1:1 and John 6

    Prayer: Dear Adonai Elohim , your fresh shewbread is placed on the table each day. It is Your fresh Word each day.

    Lord, I admire and love the Word of YHWH. I long after the Word of Elohim.

    Heavenly Father, help me to read, study, believe your fresh Word each day.

    Lord, give me a new, fresh revelation in my heart today from Your Word.

    My heart is panting for the Word of YHWH so open my mind and my heart to your revelation today.

Tabernacle Prayer at the Candlestick Menorah

  • Menorah~Candlestick, solid piece of pure gold, beaten and hammered into main branch with 6 smaller branches, all filled with oil and kept lit by the priests continually: the Eternal Light~Messiah is the Light and we His children become children of Light!
  •  Messiah beaten for us! The branches all were almond tree design with its bud, blossom and flowers. The Light allowed the priests to fellowship, commune with GOD, eat Bread ,  standing, and pray!

Prayer: Dear Yeshua, I recognize You. I welcome You. I love and adore You.

I Thank You Yeshua for sending me the Holy Spirit  in my life.

He, the Spirit, is the Spirit of YHWH Almighty Elohim.

You are the Spirit of wisdom.

You are the Spirit of understanding.

You are the Spirit of counsel.

You are the Spirit of power.

You are the Spirit of revelation of the Word of God.

You are the Spirit of the fear of Yahweh or of reverence, which gives me the power to reveal Him to others.

Yeshua, I ask you to help me now. I cannot do anything without Your anointing. I depend on You. I worship You. I thank You. I love You. I admire You. I honor You. I can’t handle the situations in my life and I depend upon You, please help me to walk in Your Spirit. Thank You, Ahmein.
Tabernacle Prayer at the Altar of Incense

  • Exodus 30: 1-8 overlaid with pure gold, a crown of gold around, placed on the left before the Veil to the Holy of Holies; sweet incense burnt every morning and evening by the priests
  • Hebrews 8:5 the pattern has been shown to you
  • Sweet incense, a compound mixture ~ symbolic of ‘the bride’, sweet fragrance, a work of the perfumer ~ the Maker, salted, cleansed, made holy & separate by Yeshua!
  • Sweet incense of sweet spice: fragrant gum, cinnamon, galbanum, and clear pure frankincense; beaten  very fine, some put in the Holy Place, before entrance to the Holy of Holies; ” before the Witness in the Tent of Appointment where I will meet with you, most holy”!
  • Prohibition: “Do not make any for yourself; it is holy”!


I sing praises to You. I pray and sing to you in the special prayer language you gave me. Please accept the praises of Your saint.

I love you and give all praise and glory to You.

You delivered me from sin.

You delivered me from worldliness.

You delivered me from sickness.

You delivered me from the curse.

You delivered me from death.

You are the Almighty Elohim who is the foundation of my life.

You are the value of my life.

I worship You, the Elohim who created the heavens and the earth and all things in them.

I love you with every part of my being and I sing praises to You.

Tabernacle Prayer at the Ark of the Covenant in the Holy of Holies

  • pure gold inside and out!
  • only 3 items inside the ark: 1) pot of manna~ presence of Yahweh~bread of heaven, Y’shua ; 2) Aaron’s rod that bloomed [ see note ” Does your Almond tree bloom?”; 3) 2 stone tablets of Commandments
  • Atonement cover of ark was lid and Mercy Seat of YHWH
  • cherubim or angels flanked the throne, facing down with wings spread and touching
  • Exodus 25:22 ” …I will meet with you there…”.
  • 2 Samuel 6:2 ” …the ark called by the Name, who is enthroned between…”.


Heavenly Father, when Ye’shua Jesus died on the cross You opened up the Holy of Holies by tearing the curtain from top to bottom so I could come in through the shed Blood of Yeshua Jesus Christ the Messiah.

I see Your Ark of the Covenant Father and know that the three items You had placed there represent Your supernatural presence.

In Your Ark is the rod of Aaron, which supernaturally budded; the tablets of Torah, the law, which You supernaturally engraved; the manna, which You supernaturally provided in the wilderness for Your people.

I enter into the Holy of Holies and run to the Mercy Seat on top of Your Ark of the Covenant and I see Your Shekinah glory. I see the throne of YHWH. I see the Ark of the Covenant.

I join You at Your mercy seat, in the Shekinah glory of Your presence, beneath the wings of the Cherubim.

Dear precious Heavenly Father, I am in awe at Your supernatural presence. I could not be more humbled than I am by Your presence.

I love You. I worship You. I adore You.

Father, I know I am eternally forgiven. I am eternally declared righteous. I am eternally saved. I am eternally blessed by the Blood covenant of Yeshua Jesus Christ.

Thank You Heavenly Father, I know I am in Your Family. I know I am a child of Yours. I know I am living in the Holy of Holies and I desire to spend intimate time with You here in this place. I worship and honor You Lord.

Now Father, I have many requests and I ask You to hear them. I will only ask what is Your will and promises; I will ask only so You will be glorified and neither myself nor anyone else will receive one speck of Your Glory. Thank You, Ahmein.

Review Inside Out:

Ark of the Covenant (In the Holy of Holies) with the Mercy Seat ~ Yah’s Extraordinary Love for You, ~ the presence of Yahweh resides in the Holy of Holies – it is a supernatural place where we meet the LORD. He sits enthroned on the Mercy Seat flanked by the cherubim [angels looking downward with wings spread out]. The altar is solid pure gold from one lump! Inside the ark is Aaron’s rod, a bowl of manna, and the 2 stone tablets of the 10 Commandments. Prayer times here is in the presence of God – be still and listen! From here He will send you to do His work. Have a pen and paper for notes because He speaks to us here.

The Altar of Incense (In the Holy Place) This represents the prayers of the saints, with the pleasing aroma reaching Yah. Prayer times here is offering petitions for others. Personal Prayer Daily Devotional too! The Golden Altar is also overlaid with pure gold and a crown around it, horns at corners signifying the strength of the Almighty! Before the veil of the Holy of Holies, this altar of incense was kept lit and burnt sweet incense every morning!

Golden Candlestick (In the Holy Place) Dark without the LIGHT! Candlestick~ the Light of Messiah, GOD’s presence with us! Lit up the Bread and altar of incense. Allowed the priests to work in the Holy Place. Also represents the light of the Holy Spirit. Prayer times here is being filled with the light of the Holy Spirit. Light Belongs in the Darkness: Find Your Place In Elohim’s End-time Harvest

“Here is how the menorah was made: it was hammered gold from its base to its flowers, hammered work, following the pattern YaHWeH showed Moses… [Numbers 8:4] One piece of gold, for purity in One Holy Messiah, who was beaten, pressed according to specific instructions, into the Lamp, to light the Way to YaH. May we as pressed and beaten become refined, pure gold and light in the Way to YHWeH YeSHUA.

The lechem, the Bread is Ye’shua; His Presence~ the bread of the Face, lechem hap’panim, the shewbread, always present on the table in the temple or tabernacle of Yah! The bread was continual, freshly baked for the Shabbat, and placed on the table; the old was eaten by the Levites! HalleluYah!

The Laver (In the courtyard) [still in the natural light, outside the Light] so before entering the Holy Place and Holy of Holies, must stop at the laver and reflect; laver made from mirrors of the women! ~ reflecting on us, seeing ourselves and sin in us. This represents our cleansing. Prayer times here covers us with the Blood of Ye’shua and cleanses us of all sin. Precious Blood: The Atoning Work of Messiah! [Exodus 30:18, 28; 31:9; 35:16…]

Moshe chose the priests from the tribe of Lewi and had to cleanse them with specific instructions: sprinkle body with purification water, shave their body hair, wash their body & clothes, take a young bull with grain for offering and a bull for sin offering, lay hands on them…all for them to do service before Yehowah YHWH ! NOW…we go through Yeshua Jesus, who offered Himself as the sin offering…[from Numbers 8:5-19]


Praying the Tabernacle to a Victorious Life in GOD

Now Father, I have many requests and I ask You to hear them. I will only ask what is Your will and promises; I will ask only so You will be glorified and neither myself nor anyone else will receive one speck of Your Glory.


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    • I worship in Spirit & in Truth to the ONE and only Elohim HaShem Yehovah ; certainly the same. No ‘strange fire’ here! These are prayers for illustration to readers who when in dire emergency certainly will cry out “Jesus”! our LORD or “Holy Spirit come!” as sent from Yeshua! There is only ‘ONENESS’ here my friends. ONE and the same; we pray in the Name of Jesus Yeshua through whom all things were created! He is our Creator, Redeemer, Savior & LORD! He is, was & will be from before the Beginning! He is the Alpha & Omega, the Aleph & Taf, the Angel-Yahweh, the Rock, our Hightower, the Ram, the Lamb, the Torah, the Bread of Presence, the Branch and Rod of Jesse, our King to come and reign ushering in the Messianic Age …I AM THAT I AM, “haYah, ehYeh”, YHWH,[no j’s in Hebrew].
      Prior to the Renewed Covenant, HaShem sent the Holy Spirit upon for example, King Saul or Elisha. Now, when born-again of the water and Spirit through calling on the Name of the LORD Jesus Yeshua, the Spirit lies within. As we die to self, carry our “cross” daily, we become more full of His Spirit! Sometimes the Spirit within us cries out for we know not what to pray! All in all, we pray to the One & Only Elohim Yehovah in the NAME of Yeshua! HalleluYAH!

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