Should We Be Familiar with “Familiar Spirits”?

 G-D Almighty said, You are going to possess…I Myself give it to you to possess it, a land flowing with milk and honey. I AM YaHWeH your Elohim who has separated you from the peoples. [Leviticus 20:24]

He calls us to make a distinction between clean and unclean, but how are we to know what is unclean?

And you shall be qodesh [holy] to Me, for I YaHWeH am qodesh, and have separated you from the peoples to be Mine. [v.26]

How do we become separate and stay holy and separate to Him?

And a man or a woman in whom there is a medium, or who are spiritists, shall certainly be put to death…Their blood is upon them. [v.27]

When you come into the land…do not learn to do according to the abominate-nations.

Let no one be found among you…pass through fire, practice divination, use magic, interpret omens or a sorcerer, or one who conjures spells, or a medium, or a spiritualist or one who calls up the dead!

For whoever does these are an abomination to YaHWeH…Be perfect…[Deuteronomy 18: 9-13]

“Familiar” spirit: #178 obe or ov from same as av, father! Signs of a familiar spirit are: prattling, mumbling; known as ‘water-skin’, a hollow sound, as from a jar [empty !] Works of the flesh are : adultery, whoring, uncleanness,  indecency, idolatry, drug sorcery, hatred, quarrels, jealousies, fits of rage, selfish ambitions, dissensions, factions, envy, murders, drunkenness, wild parties, and the like [Galatians 5:19-21]!

In 1 Samuel 28:7 King Saul [Sha’ul] requested a medium at Eyn Dor [Fountain of Dwelling], and disguised himself to visit her by night. The medium even reminded Saul how he outlawed mediums and spiritists. He begged her to bring up Samuel the prophet.  Saul then took a sword and fell on it, and lost his kingdom to David the son of Jesse  [v.16-19]!

The Spirit of YaHWeH is the Ruach, in Hebrew, wind, breath or exhalation!

The Ruach of YaHWeH had turned aside from Saul and an evil spirit from YaHWeH troubled him [1Samuel 16:14]. Even Saul’s servants noted an evil spirit and had him send for David, for YaHWeH was with him. David would take a lyre and sooth and refresh Saul, so that the evil spirit would leave Saul. David had been sent by Jesse with bread, wine and a goat kid, all symbolic of  communion in Messiah, the Passover lamb of YaHWeH. In contrast, the Spirit of YaHWeH  had left Saul, and come upon David the day Samuel took the horn of oil and anointed him [v.13].

King Menashsheh [2 Chronicles 33:1-10] reigned 55 years but did much evil in the eyes of YaHWeH: rebuilt high places, raised up altars for the Ba’als ,  made asherim and bowed himself to all the hosts and served them. He even built altars in the Temple of YaHWeH, made his sons pass through fire, practiced magic and used divination and witchcraft and consulted mediums and spiritists! He was captured with hooks, bound with shackles, and taken to Babel. In distress, he cried for deliverance, sought Elohim, and humbled himself greatly and prayed to Him. Elohim was moved, heard his supplication and brought him back to Jerusalem into his reign!

The Spirit of G-D:   demonstrates [1 Corinthians 2:4]; dwells in us [3:16, 6:20]; is holy [7:34]; gives gifts [12:4]; manifestation [12:7]; gives words of wisdom [12:8], knowledge; faith[9], gifts of healing; baptizes [11]; one Spirit [13]; gives life [2 Corinthians 3:6]; of the LORD, liberty [17]; of faith[4:13]; earnest [5:5]; refreshes [7:13]; works [Galatians 3:2]; fruit in goodness [Ephesians 5:9];of promise [1:13]; wisdom [v.17]; fills us [v.18];  access to Him[2:18]; habitation of G-D through it [2:22]; in inner man [3:16]; bond of peace [4:3]; one [4:4]; renews, of our mind[v.23] supply, of Y’shua [Philippians 1:19]; fellowship [2:9]; worship in [3:3]; love in [Colossians 1:8]; Elohim sent [Gal.4:6]; according to [v.29]; wait through it [5:5]; walk in it [v.16]; flesh lusts versus it [v.17]; be led by it [v.18]; fruit of it [v.22: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, trustworthiness, gentleness, self-control]; live in, walk in it [ v.25]; of meekness [6:1]; sow to it [v.8] ; given to us [1 Thessalonians 4:8]; quench it not![v.19]; sanctifies [2 Thes. 2:13]; justifies [1 Timothy 3:16]; not of fear! [2 Tim. 1:7]; eternal [Hebrews 9:14]; of grace [10:29];  meek, quiet [ 1 Peter 3:4]; quickens [3:18]; know [1John 4:2]; confesses, truth, given us [v.13]; =truth [5:6]; bears witness [v.6,8]; reaps

life everlasting!

These are the ones who cause divisions, not having the Ruach. But you, beloved ones, building yourselves up on your most holy [qodesh] belief, praying in the Ruach ha’Qodesh [Holy Spirit], keep yourselves in the love of Elohim…[Jude/ Yahudah 19-21].

The body without the Spirit [ Ruach] is dead [James /Ya’akov 2:26]!

The Spirit [Ruach] and the Bride say, Come! And he who hears, let him say, Come! And he who thirsts, Come! And he who desires it, take the water of life without paying! [Revelation/ Hazon 22:17]

Beloved ones, do not believe every spirit, but prove the spirits, whether they are of Elohim G-D, because many false prophets have gone out into the world! [1 John/Yohannan 4:1]

The Spirit of Elohim is His breath, so exhale and let Him come in!  Be ye holy! Beware of the games people play, horoscopes, astrology, psychics and charts. Dwell with Him and let Him revolutionize your life so out of it flows the fountain of youth, the living waters of eternal life!


2 thoughts on “Should We Be Familiar with “Familiar Spirits”?

  1. excellent……this teaching has been neglected for too long!
    Blessed is he that readeth, and they that hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written therein: for the time is at hand……..HAZON/REVELATION CHAPTER 1 VERSE 3

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