Should we question where we are in GOD? Are we where He wants us to be? After all, is He really Sovereign and in control of all things? Does He ride the shamayim [the heavens] and on the clouds, in His Excellency, to help us [as Scriptures say in Deuteronomy 33:26?] Does He really see and hear us? Do we feel barren thinking He forgot to bear fruit through us? Can we give Him praise? Do we rejoice where we are? Do we love Him?

What do we do when we don’t feel right about our relationship with GOD? What if we were told we could escape to a “city of refuge”? The Spirit is weak or dead within us: we either snuffed it out or left it no room with all the other stuff going on in our lives. So, the Adversary or avenger is now after us; what do we do? We are weak; we have failed GOD again! Help us , O GOD!

” He is to flee to one of those cities, stand at the entrance to the city gate and state his cause to the city leaders…they will bring him into the city with them and give him a place, so that he may live among them. If the NOK [next-of-kin] avenger pursues him, they are not to hand over the ‘killer’ to him; because he struck his fellow community member [his neighbor, or family] unknowingly and had not hated him previously. So he will live in that city until he stands trial before the community, until the death of the high priest…when that time comes, the ‘killer’ may return to his own city and…house>” [Joshua 20:4-6].
We can run to a place of mercy, at the entrance to the city gate. Abraham sat at the entrance to his tent [Genesis 18] while visited by the three angels, and was promised the birth of his son Issac and protection of his nephew Lot from destruction of Sodom. After his 3rd day in Jerusalem after the exile, Nehemiah went out at night on his horse to inspect the damaged wall and gates; he rode through the Valley Gate, to the Dung Gate and said after, “You see what a sad state we are in, how Jerusalem lies in ruins, with it gates burned up. Come, let’s rebuild the wall…so that we won’t continue in disgrace.”[Nehemiah 2:17] With the help of the tribes and GOD, the gates and the wall were rebuilt!
We can flee for refuge and stand at the entrance to the gate and plead our cause. “So Yeshua [Jesus Christ the Messiah] said to them again, ‘Yes indeed! I tell you I AM the gate for the sheep. All those who have come before me have been thieves and robbers, but the sheep didn’t listen to them. I AM the gate; if someone enters through Me, he will be safe and will go in and out and find pasture’ [John 10:7-9]”.
In a sense, a gate is an opening. So Yeshua is the opening to a safe and abundant life in GOD. Inside His Arms is security . Never will we be handed over to the Adversary or killer of our spirit. We can live in Yeshua, until Judgement Day; our spirit never dies, no matter what happens to our body or soul. When that time comes at the Great White Throne, we will be forgiven and enter eternal life, as in returning to our own home, Heaven.
We live now in a city or town or village where we are. Our refuge wherever we are is He . We must flee to Him, standing or bowing at His feet. We don’t have to state our cause because He knows everything. We only have to enter in through Him, take a step toward Him, and He draws nearer to us. He will show us His pierced hands and cover us with His blood of Righteousness. He will ask for our lives in return for salvation, that we die to self and serve Him the rest of our days. He will teach us His commandments and request we love Him and our neighbor. He will fill us with His Holy Spirit, sanctify and separate us and make us holy. He will light our lamp and keep the oil full so we can be a light for Him. He will do it!
So we must let Him work in our lives. It is not what we do, but what He does for us! In return for His blessings of fruit of the Spirit [ love, joy, peace, self control, long-suffering, patience, kindness, faithfulness, & humility, as in Galatians 5:22], we give praise, honor, and thanksgiving! We hand over all our anxieties and cares to Him for He cares for us! He is the Good Shepherd tending His sheep!
We must never forget the cross nor His suffering for us [read Isaiah 53 and Matthew 27]. He is our High Priest now, interceding for us next to the Father’s throne. The ‘killer’ can ‘come home’ because the high priest who was appointed by the Father and ‘in office” at that time died for us! We no longer have to be on the run; we can find refuge for our spirit in Yeshua.
So the cities of refuge were selected for all the people of Israel and for the foreigner living among them. So anyone who sins and kills another by mistake can flee there and “not die” at the hand of the Adversary, prior to the final judgement day. Then we shall all stand trial before the Great White Throne !

Cities of Refuge: Are You Where He Wants You ?


3 thoughts on “Cities of Refuge: Are You Where He Wants You ?

  1. Mary Covey says:

    I found you today as I searched for meaning in the apple tree and almond tree and your Oct 2010 posts came up. Now as I read more posts I am hearing so much of what the Holy Spirit has been placing in my heart expressed in your writing. There are many voices speaking today and your posts are a refreshing from the noise. May we all shut out the noise and seek the lap of Yeshua as little children to learn and abide in Him.

    • Thank you for your heartfelt comment, Mary! I am but a prisoner of Christ and do His will; I can only write what He gives me…and Cities of Refuge and others have been given. I am and have been an ”inspirational” to encourage others on the same pathway to GOD! My joy is His Word…and I hope I have inspired someone to further search the Word for themselves; therein is pure joy!

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