But I AM a Worm, Not a Man

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Moshe [Moses] said, ” Let no man leave any of it until morning. Nevertheless they listened not…left it until morning & it bred worms, and smelled: & Moshe was angry…[v. 20] “.

       Worm is rim-mah [feminine, in Hebrew] : a maggot,  as  rapid bred; from ra-mam: to rise or exalt self, lift up self, or get self up, as in arrogance or haughtiness. Compare to ruwm: to be high [self]!

  •      GOD  [Yahweh] sent His blessed Bread from Heaven &  commanded the Israelites to gather all the blessed  ”bread”, manna , sweet and shaped like coriander seed [Exodus 16:15 & 31] and take some for every man in his tent [ to the sick  or disabled] {v.16}. But men did not receive all that was given, & reaped only some, not all! What was not gathered, rotted, stunk and bred worms, to become corrupt!Out of pride or arrogance, man often misses to grab hold of all the blessings in Yahweh, through Y’shua [Jesus]! If we do not grab a hold of Y’shua and His forgiveness and His love, we may miss the all the blessings awaiting us, in Him. Pride, self-exaltation, and haughtiness does come before the fall. Hopefully, on the way up after falling we see Y’shua!


Yahweh , in His mercy, then instructed the Israelites in His Holy rest   [ the Shabbat or Sabbath]:”… Bake that [manna] which you will bake today & cook what you will cook; & that which remains leftover, store up [for tomorrow, the Shabbat]…And …as Moshe commanded: AND it [the manna] did NOT stink, neither was there any worm…[v. 23-24]”.

  • Obedience of Yahweh brings blessings [Deuteronomy 28]!

In chapter 17 of Job, Job said, “My spirit is broken , my days are past, Sheol [Hell] is ready for me [v.1]”.   He continued, in verse 13 & 14, to have made his bed “in the darkness”  & said “… to corruption, You are my abba [father]: to the worm, You are my mother…”. Job confessed here no  hope in Yahweh nor life eternal. Job’s flesh and spirit were as if rotting, to him.

  • Corruption here implies rot or decay, literally to break down to pieces.

“…so does Sheol consume those who have sinned. The womb shall forget him; the worm shall feed sweetly on him; he shall be no more remembered…” [Job 24: 19b-20]

Worms live in the earth, underground mostly, regarded by man as blessings  or curses! Worms can aerate and decompose the soil  and provide good feed for chickens and small birds of the air. However worms can eat plants, &  grasses too, and as  in the Word can be a curse.

Satan, the serpent already cursed, as in Genesis 3:15,  has been “cut” & brought down, as in Isaiah 14:8-21, and Sheol from beneath is ”moved to meet” Satan at his upcoming death!

Your pride*  is brought down to Sheol & the noise** of your stringed instruments: the worm is spread under you, and the worms cover you [Isaiah 14:11]

**Pride is unreasonable or exaggerated sense of worth or importance; pomp, swelling;  in this case, satan, former arch-angel & heaven’s worship leader, thought he was greater than YaHWeh!

    *Noise rather than ” music”!  satan has no love,  & sounds as cymbals clanging, as in 1 Corinthians 13!
  •     The worm [rimmah] is  spread or strewn as a surface under satan.  In other words, satan makes his bed with the worm, which rapidly breds, and brings all to corruption.
  • Worms, but not rimmah shall overwhelm satan! The worms to cover or destroy will be tola’ath, the crimson-grub, maggot or scarlet! This crimson grub is used only of the color from it, to color or dye scarlet red. The color crimson suggests the blood of Y’shua will top or overwhelm  satan ! Worms in plural suggest power, & might, as in hosts or armies. There is victory and power in the blood of Y’shua over the enemy, satan. Our sins have been forgiven, never more to roam, through the blood! We have life eternal!
  • The worms which eat the cursed vineyards in Deuteronomy 28: 39 are tola’ath! The worm prepared by Yahweh to attack Jonah’s plant so that it withered, as in Jonah 4:7, is the tola’ath! Repent or beware of the crimson-grub!

How much less man, that is a worm [rimmah] ? and the ben-Ahdahm [ the Son of Man ]; who is a worm  (tola’ath) [Job 25:6]?

Eli-Yahuweh Eli-Yahuweh; Lama azavtani               [My El-Yahuweh My El-Yahuweh, why have you left me here so long?]                                                                           And are far from saving Me and from the words of My roaring? [Psalm 22:1]

Y’shua the Messiah [ Jesus the  Christ] suffered for us, on the execution stake! He  called for a quickening or an end to his suffering, to His Father,  Eli-Yahuweh, [ El= GOD, Yahuweh = YHWH, in ancient Hebrew, He Who wa & Is ] [ see Matthew 27:46-49]. Y’shua received only vinegar,  and scorn, and then dismissed His spirit:

But I AM a worm and no man; a reproach of men, and despised by the people [Ps. 22:6]

The Suffering Servant, Y’shua the Son of Man , called Himself a lowly worm. Why a worm? This worm is NOT just a maggot or grub or earthworm. This worm is:

tow-law or tow-le-aw or tow-la-ath[ Hebrew] : the CRIMSON-GRUB! This grub is USED ONLY to color or dye scarlet!

[Isaiah 66:22-24]  “22 For as the renewed heavens and new earth, which I shall make, shall remain before Me, says YHWH, so shall Your descendants and Your name remain.23 And it shall come to pass, that from one New Moon to another, And from one Sabbath to another,  All flesh shall come to worship before Me, says Yahweh.24 “ And they shall go forth and look Upon the corpses of the men Who have transgressed against Me:For their worm [tola’ath] shall not die,And their fire is not quenched; and   They shall be repulsive to all flesh.”

Mark 9:44 ” Where their worm [tola’ath] dies not, and the fire is not quenched!” (Repeats x2 in v. 46 & 48!]

And if your hand [or foot or eye] offends you, pluck it out: it is better for you to enter into life into the kingdom of YHWH with one hand [or foot or eye] than having the 2 hands [or feet or eyes] and be cast into Hell!


2 thoughts on “But I AM a Worm, Not a Man

  1. This is the fishing bait to use:A worm has no eyes to see, judge, and condemn others by. A worm has no ears to hear the failures and faults of others. A worm has no tongue to gossip, no teeth to bite and devour others, no hands to fight and wound, and no feet to run from the enemy. You can spilt the worm in two and both halves will live. Put worms in your flower garden and they will provide the best of nutrients as it enriches all the soil around it….be the bait

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