The Threshing Floor of GOD

Threshing floor

Image by Andrea Kirkby via Flickr

And Elohim [Almighty GOD] sent a Heavenly Angel to Jerusalem to destroy it…YHWH beheld…relented…said to the Heavenly Angel [Yahshua] …It is enough…And the Heavenly Angel of YHWH stood by the threshing floor of Ornan the Yevusi. And David lifted up his eyes…”. [1 Chronicles 20: 15-16]

  • Threshing floor or goren in Hebrew, was and still is, a place to smooth, to make even. It is used near a barn for corn and other grains.
  • Dus in Hebrew is to thresh, separate seed from the husks of grain. Harvested grain is spread out on the threshing floor [goren], the hard level surface.
  • First stones must be removed, symbolic of removing first the stony heart! A ”stony heart” must be removed by getting on the floor, begging , pounding the floor , pressing down, paying full the price to enter in to receive with good measure from the Almighty YHWH!
  • Then the grain is packed down, as in pressed down, squeezed, to separate the seed or grain itself from its husk or hard shell which protected it~ symbolic of our own shells, defense mechanisms used and learned by us to protect us from our world, our trauma, our own survival systems but not of GOD, who is our Defender!
  • The threshing floor was outside ~ we must go outside , take step of faith, to leave our ”old” or as is, even if it means separating from or losing our families and friends. There, outside of the town/city/village was where the Spirit of GOD could move, by His Spirit;
  • Then as the seed & stones of heart separates, watch as the Spirit blows away the hard husk or chaff! Threshing floors were outside the camp, city or village in order for the breeze to carry off the chaff.
  • Leave Egypt is 40 times mentioned meaning we must leave the world and its pagan ways &  come to YHWH the Holy One of Yisrael who is calling you to Him. But we must leave the world behind, be ready to change as He corrects and leads us to Him. Bow down our mind, our heart to Him; say yes and give praise . Receive new life in Him on the threshingfloor, in the Name of Yahshua. Amein

***At the death of Jacob, Joseph fell upon him , kissed him & wept. All 12 tribes left Egypt &  went ” up” to bury Jacob. And where did they go ? “Up” signifies going UP to Yahweh, as Moses climbed up the Mt. Sinai to meet with YHWH. They went to the threshing floor of Atad, which is beyond the Jordan River and there they mourned ”…with a great and very severe lamentaion…” AND Joseph mourned for his abba [father] sheva yamim [ 7 days]! [Genesis 50: 10]

  • The threshing floor of Atad is meaningful! ATAD in Hebrew means to PIERCE or make fast; a THORN tree as in thorn used to pierce Messiah!
  • Atad was located “beyond the Jordan [Yarden in Hebrew]” : yarden means descender in Hebrew; the Spirit of YHWH descends to us as the dove descended on Yahshua! We have to go beyond where we are to receive of His Spirit!
  • Jacob was buried in the same field of Machpelah, double blessing, before Mamre, or Hebron in the then land of Kanaan or Canaan. Abvraham had purchased it , paid a price for it: the field of Ephron, the cave in it, and all the trees that were in the field, were made sure or a surety. [[Genesis 23: 1-20] Hebron is south of Jerusalem.
  •  The threshingfloor used a sledge or a cart with oxen. Either way, a heavy weight pounded the grain and dragged over the grain to tear away with toothed rollers. I think of the cat-o-nine tails which tore at the Savior’s skin. Feel the pain of the grain at the threshingfloor. I think of Y’shua sweating blood in the garden too. However, if delicate, as some of us are, a flail was used on dill & cummin. [Judges 6:11]

***David repented & ” …his heart convicted him after he had numbered the people [2 Samuel 24: 10]; YHWH sent a seer to tell David , “Go up, raise an altar to YHWH on the threshing floor of Aravnah the Yebusite. And David…went up …”. [v.18-19] Up as in climbing up upon Mt. Olives! Aravnah means strong!

And David built there an altar to YHWH, and offered burnt offerings and shalom [peace] offerings. So YHWH answered the prayers for the land, and the plague was stopped from Yisrael. [v. 25; 1 Chronicles 21: 15-29 has similar but different site and time, after another sin of David; this one was on Mt. Moriah]

  •  Dus or threshingfloor works by pulverizing into myriad pieces. Yikes! Real intercession prayer on the floor leads to rule in the spirit realm ! Ruth in 2:10 fell down on her face & bowed herself to the ground; bowing is pounding violently, seeking the face of YHWH. Ruth found favor in the eyes of Boaz, v. 11-19. Amein.

Naomi Ruth’s mother in law sought rest for her that it might be well; she sent Ruth to Boaz, her family & boss, winnowing barley at night in the threshing floor. Winnow means to fan the grain to blow away the chaff or hard shell covering.; to expose the chaff to the Spirit, to blow it away, as some things in us can only be removed by Him!; to separate or remove something undesirable; and to examine closely so as to separate the good from the bad!

     Wash yourself therefore, and anoint yourself, and put your garment [fine linen as in priestly garment or a prayer shawl] upon you, and get down to the floor…”! [Ruth 3: 1-3]

  • “I pray”   [Ruth 2:8,9,10]   Prayer changes & shifts the atmosphere; releases your blessings, miracles, and the enemy flees.  Ruth not only found favor with Boaz [ a Christ-type] but also redemption as she lay at Boaz’s feet! Christ the Messiah shines on us, as the Light, & grants us favor, as He redeems us, by staying the night [watch or prayer] with weeping and tears, as joy and sanctification come in the morning![v.13-14] Yahshua is our kinsman Redeemer!

So may we go to the Threshing Floor ! The reward in going is salvation, sanctification and baptism in the Holy Spirit !

I AM the Elohim of your abba…of Avraham…Yitzchak…Ya’akov…I have surely seen the affliction of My people..heard their cry…know their sorrows..have come down to deliver …and bring them up…I will send you.. [Exodus 3: 5-10] 

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