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And Terach lived 70 years and begat Avram, [Abram], Nachor & Charan…[who] begat Lot.

And Charan died before his abba [father] Terach in the land of his nativity, in Ur of Chaldees. [Genesis 11: 26-28]

But Sarai was barren; she had no child. [ v. 30]

We can be  in a state of death while thinking we’re living in the light or flame of life!

Spiritual flabbiness exists as we over indulge in things of the world, such as food, gossip, anxiety, material goods and status; we lack firmness in faith, we stand softly almost flaccid and weak; we lack substance, the word, or knowledge of YHWH.

  • We become spiritually flabby, gain the weight of the world and die spiritually. Fat which used to be offered in the sacrifice as a pleasing aroma  to YHWH [as in Leviticus 3] now becomes a detriment to our health. It is no longer pleasing to YHWH, not burning with passion nor igniting or kindling the flame of faith in others.

Case in point #1Charan, son of Terach, died before his father. Sarai was barren.  Yet they lived in what is known as Ur.

a) Ur may have been a center for worship of the moon god Sin.  The chief deity was Nanna, the Sumerian moon-god.

“And Joshua said to all the people, This says YHWH Elohim of Yisrael, Your ahvot [fathers] dwelt on the other side of the River Euphrates in old times, even Terach, the abba of Avraham …& they served other elohim.” [Joshua 24:2]

b) Charan [Haran], in the Hebrew, is SC #2309,  Chedel , a state of the dead; from #2308 Chadal, to be flabby, lacking, idle; to desist [opposite of resist!]; cease(fire), end, fail, forbear, forsake, leave, let alone, un-occupy.

c) Ur , in Hebrew, is uwr, a flame! The plural is seen later as Urim, also the East, the fire and light as in oracular brilliance of figures on the priest’s breastplate, when seeking answers from Yahweh.

  • So, Charan, the son, was perhaps flabby, lacked motivation, became idle, unoccupied the front line, failed to take care of himself , ended relationships, ceased to hope and desisted the enemy and upheld evil.
  • Charan died amidst the flame worshiping other elohim,  and Terach his father buried him. Charan did not live to leave Ur nor enter Kanaan [Canaan] nor the promised land. This son perhaps, did not have a relationship with YHWH [Yahweh], as none mentioned in the scripture. Fathers are not supposed to bury their children.

And Terach took Avram his son & Lot, the son of Charan…out…from Ur of the Chaldees…into the land of Kanaan…to Charan & dwelt there. [ Genesis 11: 31 ]

Terach the father may have noticed the state of death they were in, in the Chaldees. [It was the name of a small territory in southern Babylonia extending along the northern and probably also the western shores of the Persian Gulf. ]  So Terach may have sought YHWH, the flame, while in Ur; he made a decision to move and took Avram , Lot and their families out of Ur of the Chaldees [modern Iraq] and went to Charan and settled to abide there. Terach died in Charan at 225 years old.

Case point #2: Why would Terach move them to a place in Mesopotamia the same name as his son, Charan ? Did it mean the same thing? If so, why the same name? What message is YHWH revealing here?

a) Charan, the city in Mesopotamia, was located in the northern loop of the Euphrates River, near to the Mediterranean Sea.

  • Charan is pronounced kaw-rawn in Hebrew and means ‘‘parched” #2771 SC. It is derived from #2787 , chaw-rar, to glow; to melt, burn, dry up or to show or incite passion.
  • Jacob went to Charan fleeing brother Essau. There he met Rachel after first marrying Leah. The beginning of the 12 tribes of Yisrael began in Charan.
  • The passion for YHWH was kindled there. Later, Charan was conquered by the king of Assyria [2 Kings 19:12] Ezekiel was critical of what Charan had become, as a commercial center for clothing & carpets, in Ezekiel 27:23 .

b) Terach made a change to a place of transition, to help put a real glow in their lives and incite passion, in the place Charan, to glow! Otherwise they would have dried up, melted and burned out.

  • Now ended the flab, the idleness gone, no more failure, not feeling forsaken, not alone any more. Now there burned a desire within, a hope kindled, motivated to do and be successful at last. It was not the end but the beginning!

We read in the account of the acts, of Stephan [Tzephanyah] a disciple of Yeshua Je’sus, who “…full of faith and power, did great wonders and prophecies [spoke the word of YHWH] among the people”. [Acts 6:8] There arose those disputing the word. But “…they were NOT able to resist the wisdom and the Ruach [Spirit] by which he spoke.” [v.10] Then they instigated others  to rise up, speak lies, and set up false witnesses against Stephan. But he said, in Acts 7: 2 :

“…Men, Yisraelite brothers and ahvot [fathers], listen to me; the Eloah of tifereth [glory] appeared to our abba [father , also father Terach] Avraham, when he was in Mesopotamia, before he dwelt in Charan,

And said to him, GET OUT of your country [~Genesis 11:31,  12:1] and from your family & come into the land that I WILL show you.

Then he came out of the land of the Chaldeans & dwelt in Charan: and from there, when his abba [Terach] was dead, he [Avraham] moved into this land [Yisrael], in which you now dwell.

And He [YHWH] gave him no inheritance in it, no not so much as to set his foot on : YET HE promised that He would give it to him for a possession & to his seed after him…”. [Acts 7: 2-5]

Immediately, following the death of Terach, his son Avram [Abram] got the call from Yahweh to get out to a land “…that I will show you: And I will make of you a great nation & I will bless you & make your name great [became Avraham, Father of all nations]; & you shall be a bracha [blessing]:
” AND I will bless them that bless you & curse him that curses you: & in you shall all families of the earth be blessed-mixed.” [Genesis 12: 1-3]

All nations have the seed of Avraham mixed into their populations today.  Yahweh is calling those out from the 4 corners of the world to be blessed through the blessing, the blood atonement of Yeshua Messiah for their sins, to enter into a glowing relationship with Yahweh and really see His Glory, especially in the end times to come.

So we pray to end our  flabbiness, the emptiness of life, the state of death of our being! We desire to get rid of the extra weight so bringing us down! We want to enter into a new or renewed life by being born again spiritually and passionately into the family of Yahweh [ through the sacrificing blood of Yeshua and the cleansing of His Ruach HaKadosh, the Holy Spirit] . We want to  get excited , show or incite passion in others and Glow again! May our hearts melt reading the Word! May the Word burn a desire in our hearts to make a real difference in some one ‘s life! Dry those tears! Rejoice!

By the Way, Caleb was the only one who did enter the promised land with Joshua.  All others who left Egypt perished in their disbelief and lack of faith. Joshua used to remain in the Tabernacle, even long after Moses had left. Caleb named his son Charan! [1Chronicles 2:46] Shalom….Be Blessed in Yeshua! May you too get excited about this good news and tell others about it! You will lose the flab, as you fast, pray and read, study YHWH’s Word! Enjoy! Rejoice!

And Sarai became Sarah and had a child Issac, meaning laughter in Hebrew!

Lot barely escaped for his life fleeing Sodom, while his wife ‘ looked back’ at ‘the world’ and turned to a pillar of salt.

Detail of a stained glass window featuring a r...

Detail of a stained glass window featuring a representation of the Tetragrammaton installed in Grace Episcopal Church soon after 1868 when the church was built in Decorah, Iowa (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Spiritual Flabbiness

So, Charan, the son, was perhaps flabby, lacked motivation, became idle, unoccupied the front line, failed to take care of himself , ended relationships, ceased to hope and desisted the enemy and upheld evil. Charan died and Terach his father buried him. Charan did not live to leave Ur nor enter Kanaan [Canaan] nor the promised land. This son perhaps, did not have a relationship with YHWH [Yahweh], as none mentioned in the scripture.


3 thoughts on “Spiritual Flabbiness

  1. We see a move also as Ya’akov [Jacob] went out from Beer-Sheva [Beersheba ~ well of an Oath] and went toward Charan [to glow; ignite passion]. His father Yitzchak [Issac] had called upon the Name of YHWH at Beersheba, built an altar there, and found the waters of Life![Genesis 26: 25] Now Ya’akov the son ventured out, sent by his mother Rivkah, & came upon his ” certain place ”, Beth-El, House of El, and stayed there all night ~night watch or prayer with fasting. He took of the stones ~ lively stones, of the Rock ~ Yahshua of that place. He used the stones, of Yahshua, as his pillows, a place of rest~ Yahshua is Master of Shabbat, Rest from sin. He lay down in that place to sleep~eternal rest, eternal life through Yahshua. [Genesis 28:10-22] There he dreamed: a staircase with heavenly malachim /angels ascending & descending in earth & in Heaven, with YHWH at the top, releasing the blessing![v.13-15] The staircase spiraled as in the double helix of DNA, in us, of Him!

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