A calf, goat’s kid or sheep’s lamb need about 8% of body weight in colostrum within the 1st 12 hours of life. It’s been proved that  babes that don’t get adequate colostrum have decreased performance, shortened life, if not death. We have witnessed this to be true among our own small flock of goats and sheep.

That got me to thinking about us humans, spiritually speaking. There is so much illness among us, early deaths, parents burying children.  I know I have experienced a “state of death” until I came into new life in Yeshua Je’sus Messiah. I had ”a slow start” finding ”my” way, not knowing The Way in Him. Through many errors, trials, tribulations, He had His Hand always on me…but I never knew it until today! I could have perished in my afflictions! O but for the mercies of Yahweh [YHWH] Almighty GOD, King of the Universe, my Creator and Giver of Life to my being.

Spiritually speaking, colostrum for us is Yahweh GOD Elohim Almighty who sent His Son to die for you and I. Through the blood sacrifice of Yeshua, I now live.  I can not imagine my life without Him.  I can only think I would be dead by now.  I was as in a ‘death state’, empty, lacking something, forsaken…

Then I literally fell flat on my face, cut up, bruised, broken…12/7 /96  is when I saw Yeshua with His bloody peg prints in His Arms reaching out to me, saying, ‘Receive complete forgiveness for all your sins; I have shed My blood for you’. I repented then knowing I was nothing without Him in my life.

It was not immediate, the infilling with His Spirit. My flesh battles against spirit. I would look at the Word sitting on the table, hearing ‘later I will read’. Later though was 4 months, in April 1997. Attending a memorial for the passing of Bishop Gerald Kaufman, [who called himself  “a Jewish junkie for Jesus” ] I broke down in tears, and at that moment, dedicated my heart to Yeshua.  No matter what, I would serve Him.  He was the only Way for me. Out of death, at that moment , came my life in Him.

So, what is colostrum? It is a milky fluid secreted after giving birth via the female mammary gland ! In Hebrew, milk is chalav from chelev, to be fat, rich or choice, the finest. In Yahweh we are brought into a land flowing with milk and honey, nourishing and sweet. [Deuteronomy 26 & 27]

It is my prayer that the hills shall flow with milk and honey for you and that you receive your ”colostrum” and live!

As newborn babes, desire the sincere milk of the Word that you may grow by it…

If so be that you have tasted that the Master YHWH is tov [good].   [2 Peter 2:2-3]

A Slow Start

Spiritually speaking, colostrum for us is Yahweh GOD Elohim Almighty who sent His Son to die for you and I. Through the blood sacrifice of Yeshua, I now live.


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