Hello, You are Being Tested!

Bread of Heaven

Image by Dean Ayres via Flickr

       “YHWH said to Moshe, ” Here, I will cause bread to rain down from Heaven for you.  The people are to go out & gather a day’s ration every day. By this I will test whether they will observe my Torah or not.” (Exodus 16:4)

      YHWH offers to us today the True Bread of Heaven, Yeshua,  and holds Yeshua up as the plumbline spoken about in Isaiah 28:16:    

 ” Look, I am laying in Tzion a tested stone, a costly cornerstone, a firm foundation-stone; he who trusts will not rush here & there.  I will make justice the plumbline & righteousness the plumb-bob…”.

     Yeshua is the Bread and Stone, laying down His Life for us. He is our costly cornerstone, tested, and true to the Word, our firm foundation. By searching the Word , and hearing it, will we submit to Him, and trust and obey Him? We are always being tested on this in life. “Your will be done. Give us this day our daily bread”.  Are we picking up the Bread daily? and eating it? mediating on the Word? finding it sweet? following it?

      In John 6, Yeshua goes to the far side of the Lake Kinneret, followed by a large crowd which had witnessed many miracles.  Yeshua goes up and sits with the disciples.  It is the time of Pesach or Passover. Yeshua tests Philip, asking him where would they be able to buy bread to feed all of the people!  Philip grummbled and complained, stating that half a years wage could not buy enough to feed them. Philip failed the test !  He did not see the possibilities nor remember the miracles : YHWH standing before and behind him, the same YHWH who brought us out of Egypt, who fed us manna and quail and water from the Rock.  However, after Pentecost, and the giving of the Law feast, Philip was redeemed and empowered by the Ruach HaKodesh, the Holy Spirit.  So in Acts 8 we see Philip preach, proclaim Messiah in Samaria, a foreign area,  serve, and “convert” and baptize the Ethiopian eunuch.

     Despite our grumblings, and mummblings, and complaints,  He  reveals His glory as we tabernacle with Him. Do we deserve His Glory! No!  A young fellow comes to Andrew with 5 loaves of barley bread & 2 fish. ” But how far will they go among so many?”, said Andrew. Andrew fails the test! Despite 2 or more disciples complaining,  Yeshua tells everyone to sit down.  (Moshe had said ” stand still and see the salvation of YHWH”.)  If you act you will see the supernatural power of YHWH released and paralyze the dominating powers over your lives!  Yeshua took the 5 loaves of bread, gave the blessing, thankful for the 5 loaves, and dispersed to 5000 or more. The gathered leftovers filled 12 baskets, representing the Bread enough to satisfy the 12 tribes of Yisrael! (Isaiah 55) Come and eat and be satisfied without buying : the Bread is free!

     The manna bread, named by the people, fed the Yisraelites for 40 years.  It looked like corriander seed, white; and it tasted like honey cakes.(Exodus 16:31)  If you  look at a corriander seed, it is striped, and grows in moist cool conditions into spicy sweet cilantro!

    On the morning of the 3rd day, of the 3rd month of the exodus the Yisraelites  experienced  thunder, lightening, a thick cloud, and then the sound of the shofar. Moshe brought the people out of the camp to meet Elohim.  Mount Sinai was enveloped in smoke, because YHWH descended onto it in fire. ( Exodus 19:16-18) Knowing their shame after hearing the 10 Commandments (20:1-14), the people trembled and said to Moshe, “You, speak with us; and we will listen. But don’t let Elohim speak with us , or we will die”.  Moshe answered the people, “Don’t be afraid, because Elohim has come only to test you and make you fear Him, so that you won’t commit sins.”

     Prove is the Hebrew word ” naw-sawh”, to test, tempt or try.  YHWH proves us!  ” Be careful not to forget YHWH your Elohim…Otherwise, after you have eaten and are satisfied, built fine houses…you will become proud-hearted…”. Deuteronomy 8:11-20 is a warning to heed the voice of YHWH who “fed you in the desert with manna, unknown to your ancestors, all the while humbling and testing you in order to do you good in the end…”. 

     The second generation arose in Yisrael that knew not YHWH nor the work He had done for Yisrael.  They did what was evil from YHWH’s perspective and served the ba’alim or pagan gods.  They abandoned YHWH, so He handed them over to pillagers, so they could no longer resist their enemies. But out of their distress, YHWH raised up judges, who rescued them from the powers that plundered them .  “Yet they did not pay attention to their judges ( Ehud, D’vorah, Gid’on, Tola, Ya’ir, Yiftach, and  Shimshon), and violated the covenant”.  So YHWH refused to expel their enemies ahead of them and said, ” This is how I will test Yisrael, to see whether or not they will keep the way of  YHWH, living according to it…”. So YHWH allowed the enemies to remain without quickly driving them out. (Judges 2:16-23)

     David sang in Psalms 26 : ” Examine me YHWH , test me, search my heart and mind.  For Your Grace (Yeshua) is there before my eyes…” ! ” Daniel resolved he would not defile himself with the king’s food or wine: ‘ Please! Try an  experiment on your servants-for 10 days have them give us only vegetables to eat and water to drink.  Then see how we look…’ “! (Daniel 1: 8 & 12) 

    ” Examine yourselves to see whether you are living the life of trust.   Test yourselves.  Don’t you realize that Yeshua the Messiah is in you- unless you fail to pass the test.  But I hope you will realize that we are not failures.  And we pray to Elohim that you will do nothing wrong…doing what is right, even if we appear failures.  For we cannot act against the truth, only for it.  So we rejoice whenever we are weak and you are strong…”. ( Paul, in 2 Corinthians 13:5-9)

     A test is an endeavor to scrutinize.  It can discipline or entice, tempt or try.  YHWH gave me “the cheat sheet” long ago : A M  A  T O ! A=ACCEPT                                                             

                                                                                        M= MEDITATE ON HIS WORD;

                                                                                        A= ADORE YHWH;

                                                                                        T=TRUST HIM; 

                                                                                        O= OBEY HIM!

          May you say about yourself as Paul said, ” Nor can they give any proof of the things of which they are accusing me.”(Acts 24:13)  ” For if anyone thinks he is something when he is really nothing, he is fooling himself.  So let each of you scrutinize his won actions.  Then if you do find something to boast about, at least the boasting will be based on what you have actually done  and not merely on a judgment that you are better than someone else; for each person will carry his own load.” (Galatians 6:3-5)


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