Washing Of Regeneration 2

     The “buzz” word is soak: “ I want to soak in the LORD!”  SOAK in Hebrew is “rawvaw” , the root word to mean bathe, take the fill, satiate, abundantly satisfy, soak, and water abundantly. However, the word soak only appears once in The Word, in Isaiah 34:7, as a dark prophecy of a bloody Edom, on the Yom YHWH (Day of YHWH).  There must be at least one hundred verses where YHWH commands that we wash and cleanse . So, lately I’ve been washing my feet in waters (mayim) salted.

     YHWH (also known as ELOHIM, plural for GOD, called “I AM THAT I AM” ) visited Abraham ( see Washing of Regeneration #1) and washed His Own Feet ( Genesis 18).  In Genesis 19:1-3, two heavenly malachim ( angels) appeared at evening in the gate  of Sodom, and Lot (Abraham’s nephew) rose up to greet them, and like his uncle, he bowed himself  with his face toward the ground.  Lot urged the two men to stay the night, and wash their feet! ( WASH in Hebrew is “ rawkatz”, to lave or personally wash self, same word as we saw in Genesis 18:4!) Lot entered his house, made them a feast or supper, baked and broke bread (matzah, flat unleavened) with them, “and they did eat” ( fellowshipped or communed together, similar to communion).

     When we wash or cleanse and have fellowship with YHWH there is healing  and salvation. Please note also that the visit was toward evening, or dusk( EREB in Hebrew) implying imminent darkness.  Also LOT in Hebrew means veil or covering. SODOM or Sedom is from an unused root, to scorch or refers to a burnt district. How prophetic are our names: Lot became a veil or covering for his family as Sodom was burnt to the ground!

     The warning here is that Lot sat in the gate of Sodom ,and allowed an opening for evil or danger .  The two angels of YHWH put out their hands, grabbing Lot and shut the door. “ And they smote the men that were at the door of the house with blindness…” (v. 10). ( Of course, like in the days of Noah, they were already spiritually blind, disobedient, and unclean before the eyes of YHWH.) 

     YHWH today provides His Gate ( SHA’AR in Hebrew for opening or port, from SHAW’AR, to split or open).  YHWH has made a Way for us to enter into fellowship and communion with Him through the washing of regeneration. When Yahshua spoke, He called Himself The Gate, The Way, The Truth, and The Life.  “I am the Resurrection and The Life. No one comes to The Father except through Me.”

to be continued : Washing of Regeneration 3


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